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Even at one and two nil I thought it clear that we weren’t playing well. Row 2 isn’t the best place to see from, maybe it was obvious from a greater height or on telly and everyone else thought so as well. It seemed we were yet again unbalanced and terribly lacking width without Lennon. Van Persie was looking a handful and they were getting far too much possession in the middle. Our best chance of clinging on for the win was if the gooners heads had dropped or we kept managing to hit them on the break. We’d already quietened the crowd, which didn’t take much and if we could’ve made it to half time and allowed Harry a few words – “track the runners, start passing and stop hoofing it” – things might’ve turned out better.

We didn’t though and after we gifted them the third to make sure that they kept the momentum, that was that. Two nil and we effed it up, a two goal lead thrown away just as the goons home and away against us last year.

Keeping perspective, that’s our first NLD league defeat in two and a half years and with 12 games to go we’re still seven points clear of fifth so still on target for our main goal of a CL place. Perspective doesn’t remove the bad taste from the mouth however. An hour of football to forget.


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  1. Was an appalling display am gutted was a game we should of won!! And we f***** it up. Just hope we play better against united. Bale needs a few games on the bench he is starting to think he is better than he is…….

  2. bale is gone the same way simon davies went when that idiot hoddle came out and said he was worth 40 million, davies form went down the tubes, and now bale is the exacet same, sell him to barca now before his price tag goes the same way his form has….

  3. same as simon davies when that idiot hoddle came out saying he was worth 40 million, his form dropped bigtime and now bale is the same. sell him to barca now before his value goes the sam direction as his form…

  4. Why oh why did Lennon not play? He was on the bench so i assume he was fit.

    Big mistake by Harry. I didn’t like the look of the line-up at all.

  5. I felt sorry for Scott Parker. There he was running around like a mad man trying to put out fires everywhere and had nobody helping him out. No one in front or behind. He was always going to get 2 yellows in this game.
    We never squeezed up fast enough, every Arsenal player had waaayyy to much time on the ball for my liking.

    Look, I'm just going to say it and I know it will piss a number of people off, but we really are better off without King. He has been a very loyal servant to the club, but we really do need a constant centre half pairing. He plays every other game and hardly trains, I don't think that really works well, if your trying to put a side together that can finish in the top 4.

    Plus I do believe in the games against Man City and Arsenal, he was found lacking a few times. It's time to move on from King. IMO we could have done a lot worse than to have brought Samba to the club.

      • Yeah we’re crap this season but at least we gave your boys one hell of a good kicking!!

        Your ‘best’ team since 61 couldn’t beat our worst team for at least 15 years at our place!!

  6. unfortunately i think king was to blame for a number of goals. love the guy hes spurs through nd through but they just ran past him…We need the hulk and we need dawson back in there


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