Arsenal declare interest in Tottenham target Joe Cole


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Tottenham Hotspur face competition from north London rivals Arsenal for the signature of Joe Cole.

Chelsea confirmed yesterday that the England midfielder would be leaving the club this summer after his contract expired with the Premier League champions.

“I like him as a player because when he played against us he always did a lot of damage against Arsenal,” Wenger told Sky Sports News.

“He can create impact through his creative play. He can dribble, he can pass, he can score goals.”

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  1. To be honest I am not that bothered about Joe Cole, he's been around for too long and I am sure Cheslie would not let him go if he were that good! As for the south London imigrants up the road who reside in the ossama bin laden memorial stadium I think he is probably too old and too English for them to offer him a big money long term contract anyway. I think Stoke are looking for some new players!

  2. He won’t join that south London scum. He doesn’t speak French and he wont want to be touched up in the showers by old men.

  3. Arsenal sadly seems the most likely place for Cole to show case his obvious talents. Plus their profile & structure means they can offer Cole more money than us. Wenger also needs a quota of English players- to sit comfortably with new homegrown rules. The only think is Arsenal have at mo an abundance of attacking options- it is goalie/defence which is lacking- we wil miss out cos we won’t bend to his wage demands- I hope Levy stays strong!

  4. There’s more chance of Cole going to Arsenal as Spurs may struggle for top 4 next season whereas Arsenal are there all the time.

    Apparently it’s a done deal with Arsenal anyway and he did go to school near them..

  5. arse / anal want him.they might get him.we dont have anywhere 2 put him.they kind of slightly do. i hope we get him but its not a tragedy if we dont

  6. Joe Cole is still a top notch player ok he’s had his injuries but class is still class I personally cannot see this deal happening for us because of our wage structure different story if we were in Champions League every season but I really can’t see Mr Levy going boom and bust a la Leeds. Also the filth up the road know that a player like Joe Cole in our set up could seriously shift the balance of power firmly to us he really is that kind of player but unless some very serious negotiations take place then I can’t see this one taking off. Do the Arse really need him though? As pointed out surely their focus should be their defence and goalkeepers. Never mind they will have plenty cash to spend once Fabregas buggers off to Barcelona. Lillywhitetilidie.

  7. I thought here was a forum for spurs supporters? Its ok if gooners want to come one our forum and air their views just have a little decorum. And the anti semite views you can keep for yourself. Sometimes its better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I say this with all honesty I have a good few friends who are Arsenal fans and yes we have the usual ribbing concerning our respective teams but never is there a nasty word said anti semitism. Racism of any kind has no place in football but obviously this person I’m guessing still parades around in jack boots swastika one arm salute shouting seig hail in his living room. Bigot. Grow up. Lillywhitetilidie.

  8. Gooner scum idiot, while I dont take likely what Gorgeous George said above, it is not that offensive, but let me tell you scum im not jewish and nor are the majority of spurs fans, but have fans of many other backgrounds and religion as well as jewish fans.We call our selfs the yids because the jewish people were were one of the first ethnics at spurs , and racist scum like you used to take the mick, that is where we got our nickname from, but I know many jewish people who support ARSE ANAL as well, and im sure they will like to meet up with you, including your ex chairman David Dein, you sad pr!ck.


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