Arsenal fan likens current Tottenham crop to the invincibles

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Yes! You read that correctly! An Arsenal fan has come out and compared Tottenham’s current team to the 2003/04 invincible title-winning team, after their 3-0 win against United on Monday.

Arsenal went on a mesmerising and historic run of 49 unbeaten games across the 2003/04 season, failing to score a goal on just four occasions.

During a talkSPORT segment on Tottenham, an Arsenal fan called in, and much to everyone’s surprise, heaped praise on his North London rivals.

The caller, Danny, had this to say: “It doesn’t even stick in my throat. These guys, they’ve not spent any money, they’ve got their job together during the summer, they’ve set out their stall properly, they are not scared of anyone, they’ve got World Cup-class players in their side and this is probably the best team, pound-for-pound in this country and in this league at the present moment.

“There’s something going on at Spurs that has reminded me of the 2004 Arsenal side. They are playing that kind of football that is exciting and it’s frightening to watch as an Arsenal fan.

“When you watched the ‘Invincibles’, they were awesome, they were frightening, right?

“But I think at Spurs there’s an excitement running through that is not dissimilar to how they were stirring up the fans at Arsenal [in 2003/04]. Every time they got the ball we were like, ‘what is going on here?’

“That is the sort of thing I’m talking about.”

Still don’t believe us? Listen to the clip below!

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  1. Well, I’m an Arsenal fan, also a football fan, it’s OK to praise an opponent and at the moment the praise is well deserved. Still, a long way to go and If I was a Spurs fan I might worry a bit about back up if there are any major injuries. Also the success might liven our team up, it’s good for football, in general, to see London clubs do well. Dog knows if Liverpool carries on doing well but too be sure we will all know about constantly forever more if they do. LOL

  2. How old is Danny? I’m guessing not very. Tottenham have an above average side which far exceeds anythiong they’ve had for over 50 years but what have they actually achieved in terms of experience of winning trophies?


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