Arsenal fans who sung about Adebayor are not mentally right – Redknapp


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has blasted Arsenal fans for their disgraceful chanting towards Emmanuel Adebayor.

The visiting “fans” taunted the former Arsenal striker about the Togo national team being attacked before the African Cup of Nations in Angola in January 2010.

“What was chanted at Emmanuel was disgusting,” said Redknapp.

“There was some pretty disgusting chanting at me as well but that’s life. How do you chant something like that at someone? You can’t be right mentally. You need help.”

The abusive songs also included those by Arsenal fans chanting about the recent Tottenham riots.

Redknapp added: “It’s got no place anywhere in life. Emmanuel never said anything to me. I think he regretted what happened when he ran to the Arsenal fans after scoring for Manchester City the other season.

“Even then what did he really do? They are all shouting abuse and he ran up and said ‘have a bit of that’. He’s run up and slid on his knees and said ‘I’ve scored.’ It might have been a bit over the top but he’d been getting grief for 80 minutes and that’s how he reacted.”

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  1. It's funny how one sided this whole article is…. So spurs fans calling wenger a pedo during the whole game is ok…… Grow up


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