Arsenal were interested in Modric – Wenger


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal knew all about Luka Modric before Tottenham signed him.

Wenger said: “We knew Modric before Tottenham knew him. We played against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League and he played in the same team as Eduardo against us.

“At the time we had (Cesc) Fabregas, not a bad player. But we were interested in Modric. He is very mobile. I’m not surprised how well Modric has done, I knew he would do well.”

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  1. I recall Wenger saying that he doubted that Modric could cope with the physical side of the game in England.
    Spurs are holding onto their best players, Arsenal are selling theirs.

  2. Funny, I remember how Wenger, amongst others (including Chelsea) said Modric was too small for the prem. Hindsight can be a distorted view.

  3. We knew that Arsenal were interested in him, but Wenger assessed that he was too small for the English game!! 'The Professor', as they call him, clearly got that wrong… Let's hope he's still forgotten that footie's a game of two-halves on Sunday – You have to defend as well as attack!!

  4. That’s exactly it you were interested didn’t buy him so unlucky he has shut all his critics up now. And he will score against you on sunday. Come on you spurs!!!

  5. arsenal will win this 3-1, it hurts me to say that but I think we beat a shit team Liverpool and now its gone to our heads. We have a better midfield than the scum but they are humble and we are not, at the moment.


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