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Sunday looms. Rarely in the recent past can we have entered a NLD with so much, on the face of it, going our way. Form, confidence and momentum are all with us. Even this week, comparing the injury crises that have affected both sides’ preparations, ours has relieved whilst theirs has deepened.

Nothing has been achieved yet though and if we behave as though it has then nothing will be. With thirteen games left there’s plenty of scope for things to go tits up, there’s still a third of the season to go. As was proved last Sunday just turning up isn’t enough no matter what your league position is or what the bookies say. In fact despite the opening paragraph Arsenal are still shorter odds to win at the weekend than we are; that gives an indication of the task ahead.

Wenger is always banging on about the ‘character’ and ‘mental strength’ of his side; they’ll be wanting to prove him right. They’ve let down two large groups of travelling support in a week and if they’ve got anything about them will want to repair some of the damage they’ve caused. They’ll have to do it with a weakened side. Mertesacker, Ramsey, Gibbs and Chamakh are the latest additions to a long list of players (possibly) sitting this one out. Importantly though, Van Persie continues his unusually long for him, injury-free run.

At the start of the week we looked stretched and a repeat of the Anfield bench looked probable. That would’ve led to a reprise of the safety first attitude we took to Liverpool, an attitude that got us a point but left a slight taste of dissatisfaction in the mouth. Now though Harry has options. All of Adebayor, Van der Vaart, Modric, Assou-Ekotto, Kranjcar and King must still be doubtful but at least some of those will make it. Assuming there has been no reaction to his cameo at Stevenage, Lennon should take his place on the right bringing the balance we miss so badly when he’s not there. Up front Redknapp must be sorely tempted to give the Saha and Adebayor partnership another outing given its success against Newcastle. Van der Vaart is a key player though and Harry quite rightly plays him at every opportunity.

Mike Dean is due to referee, he took charge of the corresponding fixture at WHL in September.

Our start to the game could be all important. An early goal for us will see chins drop to red shirted breasts on the field and black bin bags come out off it. We are the better team and need to make sure we’re not shy about showing it by playing with the tempo, width and pace that has been blowing teams away all season.  Our players realise the importance of this game and have the commitment and skill to achieve the result we want most in this and every season. COYS.


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  1. On the face of it we should beat the” Scum ” but as you know derby games are different to normal games form can count for nothing in a derby game but I’m expecting big things from my beloved Spurs and a win on sunday would be a huge boost in the shift of power not just for the here and now but for future games. How many times in the past has it been that before a ball has been kicked in a derby game that we were beaten mentally? As it stands we are the team in the ascendancy and we have to drive this advantage home on sunday. For the first time in years we can lick them in every area on the pitch. The VDV issue of wether he plays is a concern as pointed out he is a quality addition and does give us something extra but as a team we do have to unbalance the team to accommodate him plus very rarely does he see the full ninety minutes through. Tough one to call if we should start with vdv or not. My starting line up would be Brad in goal Benny, Dawson Kaboul walker

    Bale, modric, parker, lennon

    Adebayor, and Saha with the usual pick for subs.

    My reason for not choosing defoe is because he was non existent against borough last sunday this is not to say he won’t be up for this game because I’m sure the whole team is pumped up for this game but I would start saha and see where we are after an hour. I think we look a much more dangerous attacking proposition as a four four two as opposed to four five one which is ok to play when you’re away from home and teams wanna park the bus. Either way the game on sunday is a classic in the making but I’m saying three one to the lads. Lillywhitetilidie.

    • I wasn’t wondering why you didn’t chose Defoe why didn’t you put king in your team? As I am under the impression that he will be fit for Sunday

    • You are right to say he was not up for it because he got slammed into the half frozen well prepared pitch and with there high work rate and snappy tackles and bad refereeing we drew. Arsenal will have the same high work rate and i will do my best to make sure it slows down before Sunday . To say we have a high tempo is not true we have fast players our team don't track back and forward like high energized teams check our states Norwich Arsenal Liverpool Newcastle City Utd all have a better work rate if we did i would not think twice about beating Arsenal or winning the league if you look at City Utd Chelsea Arsenal in the champs league this is there normal work rate and they all got beat. What you will see on Sunday is Arsenal chasing the ball without worrying about tiring, Song and Arteta Gervino Wallcot will all track back and forward like robots we need too match them and don't waste time passing at the back in our half or they will press the ball and hit us on the break . Our tactics have got to be go forward quickly and catch them with just four defenders at the back and not eight in the box. Our success against Newcastle was hit them before there tempo got going and its a good job we did because we only scored one goal in the last 45 plus mins. This should be a stark warning attack from the off or Arsenal will zoom away after 15 or so mins they are not the lightest team in the premiership for nothing these two games can cement our third spot Arsenal and Chelsea 6 points is a must

  2. If VDV is fit then he'll play and rightly so. He is a 'big game' player and has done well against ARSEnal in the past. I'll be backing him to score…COYS!!!!!!

  3. Sorry Robbie wasn’t aware that king was fit to play. In which case king has to start and partner kaboul. I don’t care as long as we win and it wouldn’t hurt if we rough them up a bit in their own back yard. Gooner scum.

  4. Im always amaazed by the fuckin lack of football sense of our fans, WE SHOULD WIN? what the fuck does that mean? The scum are really really shite, we are good even really good. we'll lose 1-0


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