Arsenal star admits he wants Spurs to fail in CL final

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Few would have given Tottenham any chance of winning the Champions League trophy at the start of the season, but the Lilywhites now find themselves just a game away from achieving the impossible.

Pochettino’s men have defied the odds to come from behind on several occasions in the tournament, including a spectacular three-goal reversal in the second half of the semifinal clash in Amsterdam.

The achievement is even more impressive considering the fact that Spurs haven’t added a single player to their squad in the last two transfer windows.

Needless to say, Tottenham’s heroics in Europe hasn’t gone down well down the road at Arsenal, where they have once again failed to finish in top 4, and need to win the Europa League final against Chelsea to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Arsenal attacker Alex Iowbi was asked about how Tottenham’s Champions League exploits affected Arsenal, and unsurprisingly, the 23-year-old said he hoped Tottenham lose the final.

However, the Nigerian international gave credit to the Lilywhites for their accomplishments this season.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Iowbi said, “We’re not trying to focus on Tottenham to be fair, I actually hope they lose.

“We’re not trying to look at them, they’ve done well to be fair, you have to give it to them, but we want to focus on ourselves and bring a trophy back.”

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One of the greatest things about this Champions League campaign has been seeing the bitterness and frustration of Arsenal and Chelsea fans who can’t get their minds around how close Tottenham are to winning the big prize.

For the past few seasons, the only bat they have had to hit Spurs with is the fact that the Liltwhites haven’t been able to win a trophy.

Thus victory against Liverpool will mean that they don’t have anything else to hide behind, and must finally admit that Tottenham are the superior force in London.

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  1. Irrespective of the outcome between Tottenham and Liverpool in the CL final, the opinions of Alex Iowobi or any other past or present Arsenal footballer wishing for failure upon Spurs are neither relevant or of any meaningful significance to the faithfull Tottenham support. Aside from being completley predictable and and therefore entirely pointless, Iowobi’s irreverent comments say more about the player’s own misplaced focus than anything else considering they are shortly due to contest the Europa league final against Chelsea in a few days time. Good luck with that Alex you may well be Sarri you opened your mouth!


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