Former Arsenal striker to Spurs?


Press reports are once again linking Tottenham with a possible move for Julio Baptista.

The former Arsenal striker is out of favour at current club Roma and is expected to move onto pastures new in January.

“I have received something but there is nothing formal,” Baptista told Italian radio station Canal Sur.

“There is an offer from Brazil and one from England.”


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  1. This guy is average at best, he scored 2 tap ins against us and scored a hatful at anfield in the mickey mouse cup ( sorry its not mickey mouse now, its a genuine cup now they could win it)

  2. Ridiculous story that’s doing the rounds again. Bored tabloid hacks with nothing better to do than flog a dead horse of a story in their scurrilous rags. Why don’t these same so called journalists do some real journalistic work and uncover what used to be called a scoop meaning that no other paper had the story and that it had more than an element of truth attached to it thereby increasing the credibility of your newspaper as something people wish to read and not be embarrassed to use to wipe their arse.

    So many players are going to be linked to us in the next few weeks but the truth is there isn’t going to be wholesale changes nothing like the media are suggesting anyway, obvious departures will be Bentley, O’hara, Dos Santos, and sadly Robbie and these are all fringe members of the squad anyway. Any new additions must first slot into our system of football and secondly compliment or enhance what we already have. Why is Harry going to make all these wholesale changes and upset the balance of a team doing well? Fact is he isn’t and won’t. I’m not going to throw my hat in the ring and say who I think we should buy all I care about is whoever we buy does the job they’re paid to do wether that be score goals or stop them going in. Make no mistake Harry already has in his mind who he wants to come in and he’s not adverse to playing the game either with a smokescreen here and a smokescreen there to keep managers like ol red nose off the scent of what he’s actually doing. I’d rather be entertained by this than the crappy stories of rubbish strikers like baptista. What’s happened? It used to be any team would buy a striker if they were prolific and by that I mean fifteen goals a season at the very least now it seems five or six is enough. Crazy. We had a player who was doing that and much more every season and we sold him ( Darren Bent ). Crazy. Anyway please no more talk of Julie Bigbaps or donkeys with a gammy leg. Lillywhitetilidie.

  3. Why do they keep linking us with average players when surely they must realise that we are only going to be interested in players in players of champions league quality. We have to sell the average ones on to Sunderland!! Bent, Malbranque,Tainio etc


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