“He is a little bit like Peter Crouch but with more mobility”


Benoit Assou-Ekotto - THFC news

Tottenham full-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto believes that Emmanuel Adebayor would prove the be the perfect foil for Jermain Defoe.

Adebayor is being linked with a season-long loan move to Spurs after falling out of favour at Manchester City.

“I played against him when I was young [in France] so I know him well,” said Assou-Ekotto in the Daily Telegraph.

“He is a little bit like Peter Crouch but with more mobility. He will find a good complicity with Defoe because Jermain is used to playing with that style of player.

“We saw what he did against us in Madrid last season, so I am sure he will help us.

“If the manager signs him it’s not to finish fifth or sixth. He’s a player from one of the big four and if we get a player from one of those clubs, it’s for Tottenham to finish in the big four.

“We know his reputation but we don’t care about that if he scores many goals.”

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  1. he's a big improvement on lurch that's for sure and his goal ratio speaks volumes and that is who we need if we're going to aspire for top 4 ambitions.

  2. Adebayor worked on a temporary basis at Arsenal, also at Citeh and also at Real Madrid. We do NOT need temporary solutions. We need a permanent solution – someone who will be here for a few years, and produce for a few years. Let's forget about the Adebayor distraction, and sign someone more appropriate and within our price range.

    • I get annoyed by people like you. "Yeah, let's sign someone good, and let's do it now". I can't help notice you don't make a sensible suggestion as to who that might be.

      Probably because you'd get laughed at.

  3. Correct but nothing like Peter Crouch. Peter’s first touch often times is woeful usually needs three goes before he bags one and no disrespect to Peter but our game is very predictable given his height which wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t so ungainly looking. Yes I think he would be a good foil for Defoe but he also gives us options as to different formations to use to unlock those stubborn teams that caused us problems last year. I honestly think if we can get this deal done then we should because his goals are what is going to make the difference plus those from Defoe Pav VDV and let’s not forget the problem of how do we accommodate VDV properly? Adebayor there’s your answer.

    Slightly off that. SELL Modric. Take 28 million and Sturridge. If Chelsea really want him let them have him but make it clear that this is the price or if not Sturridge then thirty million and Malouda basically compensate us for the inconvenience and handsomely they’re the ones who want him so badly so if that is the case then put your hands in your pocket and dig deep otherwise shut up. Where do they think they are, in poundland or something? The best costs money so get the cheque book out. Anyway wasn’t it not so long ago that the same Chelsea were warned about tapping up players? Sell him because as Harry said with the money from the sale we can improve the squad. Wish the chairman had laid that down ages ago then we could’ve cut to the chase and stop the posturing.

  4. Why do we need to sell Crouch he is still a good player and has bean in good form in the close season both him and Ady would be a handful for the last twenty mins against any team. If he plays for another Premiership team he will score for them and could take points we of us we badly need. The best thing would be a loan to Milan and see what form he is in and then we can have him back in January if Ady is not scoring.

  5. Pav Crouch Adeb

    Played 381 456 353

    Scored 180 143 124

    Games/Goal 2.12 3.19 2.85

    League Only

    Played 305 362 276

    Scored 140 99 99

    Games/Goal 2.18 3.66 2.79

    Ave Goals Per Season

    Pav = 17.44

    Crouch = 10.39

    Adebay = 13.63

  6. Pav CrouchAdeb

    Played381 456353
    Scored180 143124
    Games/Goal2.12 3.192.85

    League Only

    Played305 362276
    Scored140 9999
    Games/Goal2.18 3.662.79

    Ave Goals Per Season

    Pav = 17.44
    Crouch = 10.39
    Adebay = 13.63

    • These stats are misleading. Pav gets more goals PER MINUTE on pitch – becuase he plays as sub a lot.
      Plus Crouch is often on the pitch to CREATE chances and not necessarily score. If Adebayor was played in that role, he would score much less.

  7. These are goals vs appearances, if you further analysed it down to minutes on pitch Pav's ratio would probably be even more superior. Im not sure why a substitute would be more likely to score than a starter?

    I take your point though about creating chances though.

    Basically im just very tired of seeing Crouch trying to chest the ball down to people, losing possession and giving away free kicks (usually not his fault i admit). I prefer the football we play when we try and create space for the strikers and play into feet


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