Assou-Ekotto in positive comments shocker


Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Benoit Assou-Ekotto has taken Harry Redknapp’s decision to substitute him during the Young Boys defeat in a positive manner.

The left-back who can look at times as if he has no emotion has surprised us with his positive reaction to the decision by Harry during the match in Bern after just 36 minnutes.

Assou-Ekotto, lets face it had a nightmare of a game and also picked up a booking but has decided to look forward, rather than let his head drop.

“Of course I wasn’t happy to come off. Nobody would be,” Assou-Ekotto told The Mirror.

“But I realised it was tactical. I saw what the manager was trying to do and I understood.

“I had a yellow card and if I’d made another foul and it was ten against eleven it would have been even worse for us.

“To dwell on it would be pointless. We still have a second game to come.

“The biggest problem for us was the pitch. Football has to be played on grass and not synthetic surfaces. It gives them an advantage.

“I have been a professional for seven years and I have never played on a pitch like that. The second leg game will be very different on grass.”


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  1. andy, your obvioulsy a cock, he is certainly not shit! typical spurs fan slating his team, get behind the boys you cock.

  2. Andy your a joker, have you not seen him play since Redknapp arrived, one of the most improved players at spurs was excellent against man city last week.

  3. Andy is wrong but Benoit does some outstanding work and looks great going forward, but he lets himself down by not doing the basics! Lets hope he watches a few vids of himself and gets on the training ground to resolve his issues

  4. Dont get carried away with rhetoric "SpurstillIdie"…. Andy isn't a typical Spurs fan.just a twat, it really that simple!

  5. truth is our whole back four were awful that game. Dawson and Bassong were at fault for two of the goals and Corluka constantly kept getting caught out of position so much it almost looked as if Giovani was playing right back the way he kept covering for Corluka. The pitch had something to do with it but YB are very quick also

  6. We are footballers not ice skaters do you no what happens when you water a plastic pitch you have difficult keeping you feet. YB new this and attacked while it was at its wettest that would make there players look like lightning trust me its harder to defend than attack. Ekotto could be using this excuse a lot with Walker and Naughton waiting plus Gallas havnig said this he is now excepting the team comes first Robbie and co take note


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