AVB fails to get Spurs going against resistant West Brom


Tottenham were lucky to escape with a draw against a determined West Brom side who dominated the last half hour of the match. Although Spurs did dominate the first half, clear cut chances were few and far between and at the break it was still goalless.

In general, Spurs looked like they were still getting used to the new system and adjusting to AVB’s High Line, but it appeared that we would get away with it when a long range BAE shot was deflected in in the 74th minute. But even before that goal, West Brom were on top and had a few great chances themselves – the presence of Romelu Lukaku up front was a major hindrance to Vertonghen and Gallas at the back for Spurs.

So when James Morrison scored a 90th minute equaliser for West Brom, after a frantic goalmouth scramble, the whole ground could sense it was coming. Spurs just couldn’t clear the ball out of their own area, West Brom were piling on the pressure and deserved their goal. Spurs were so ragged by the end that even after West Brom’s goal there was a threat of us conceding again.

But the players were clearly still adjusting to AVB’s new system, but there were some promising signs.

By Alex Beck

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  1. For once a very fair report of the game, unusual not to be little old Albion were lucky, Spurs played poorly.
    No, in this instance Spurs played very well for a hour, but did lack a cutting edge, West Brom struggled to deal with Bale in this period, the game changed with the substitutions, although Spurs got a deserved but fortuitous goal deflected off Dorrans.
    After this Lukaku ran riot and West Brom deservedly profitied as Spurs slipped further back towards their goal.
    No panic needed, Spurs will be top six, West Brom need not look to closely at the bottom three, they will be well clear.


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