AVB seeks first win against struggling Norwich


Virtually all of the focus this week has been on the transfer window and DL’s supposed activity within it. At one point or another this week we have been linked with: Lloris, Cesar, Butland, Carvalho, M’Vila, Dembele, Moutinho, Willian, Remy, Llorente. Even Didier Drogba has been linked with us on Twitter. But out of that discernible rubble we have to drag a team together to beat Norwich.

The Canaries have been ridiculously indifferent this season, losing 5-0 away at Fulham before scraping a 1-1 draw with QPR. They have been leaking goals like a rusty pipe leaks water but Spurs haven’t exactly been banging them in just yet. As Bale was talking about on the Spurs website, you expect us just to ‘click’ at some point…if this happens against Norwich then we could beat them by 5 or 6. Dembele could definitely be what we were missing towards the end of the game against West Brom as we lacked creativity once Van Der Vaart went off.

Predicting our team is a literal nightmare. People who are signed tomorrow will most likely not figure, but they could have a place on the bench, or even in the team if AVB feels the need is that desperate. Spurs might leak a goal or two without Younes at the back, as Gallas looked a bit shaky last week – this may even be the game for Steven Caulker, I personally would love to see him play.

Spurs will probably be set up in a 4-3-3 formation, a la AVB. Dembele, Sandro, and Sigi (Moutinho????) will be the back 3 with Bale, Ade and Lennon (Remy????Willian????Llorente?!?!?!?!) as the front 3. The High Line will be in full flow and hopefully Spurs can bring us a first win of the season – and maybe a few more goals to boot. Ade will hopefully show a tad more match fitness than he did last weekend, and hopefully Spurs will get that extra slice of luck which sees a few more chances go in.

This is no doubt a match which Spurs should dominate, they should slice through Norwich like a knife through butter. But as we saw last week, football doesn’t always work that way. Spurs just have to hope that this match can kickstart our season whilst settling our new signings in.

My prediction: Spurs 4 – 1 Norwich

By Alex Beck

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  1. This analysis would be more interesting if you had made a stab at who might be playing for Norwich, the team's strengths and weaknesses etc. Stupendously ill informed.

  2. Norwich have played poorly against Fulham for the last 3 seasons (including this one) that norwich were in the premiership… Norwich have sorted there defense out proved against QPR, a dodgy penalty and a crap referee… last time we played you we beat you… so you might still be looking for your first win after saturday, cmon Yarmy

  3. We both have the same results after 2 games!! Can hardly say we are struggling pal, it’ll be a good game as both teams play good football, get the facts right before making these sport of claims!!

  4. Struggling Norwich?…. 'ridiculously indifferent?… this smacks of lazy journalism. You could have written that AVB is just one more poor result away from the sack and been just as close to the truth. Seem to remember that Norwich out played your highly paid stars at your place last year, so may I suggest a little caution and respect.

    Listing all those players that haven't arrived suggests that you still need to get quite a few in…. it also points to the fact that you may not be as ready as you think you are, that said, I think Hughton would be happy with a draw.


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