AVB speaks on wantaway Modric


Andre Villas-Boas says Luka Modric wants to leave Tottenham and discussions are continuing with interested clubs.

The Croatian midfielder is desperate to play Champions League football again, but will only be sold if the deal is right for Spurs. As far as I’m concerned if he doesn’t want to be here anymore then let’s get rid – as long as it’s not to another Premier League club and for a fee in excess of £30million.

Hopefuly we can be reassured in the fact that Daniel Levy is known for not giving in easily and getting the best deal for the club. It looks as if it could be a cast of Modric out and Moutinho in.

“I think Luka is a player of tremendous importance for this football club, and it has been like that since he joined the club,” Villas-Boas told Sky Sports News.

“The interest that we have from various different clubs shows the importance of the player and what he has done for Tottenham.

“I think it is fair to say we respect Luka’s ambitions and his willingness to move on, and I think Luka respects as well that he is an important player for the club who can help us move forward.

“I think ongoing discussions with these various clubs will continue until we reach an agreement which is sensible for each party.”

Asked to confirm that it looked like Modric would be leaving, Villas-Boas added: “Not really. The willingness is there from the player but a player of this importance is not easy to part company with.

“But I think the chairman is a person who respects the values of the football club and only with the right offer will we take that step.”

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  1. well handled by AVB: "yes he could be allowed to go, but not on the cheap." I'm hearing £35m and the good news is PSG have that so hopefully Real won't be able to underbid. Plus thats 2 choices outside the Premier League. Love him to stay (anyone who criticises his lack of goals will realise it when he's gone) but looks like we hold all the cards and AVB speaks great sense #COYS

  2. Everyone knows Modric will be sold just the minor details of where he goes to sort.
    Harry would not have sold him that is for sure. But then he knows football whereas AVB just talks the talk.
    When it came to walking the walk at Chelsea he was found out big time.

  3. I think Harry wouldn’t have let him go because he would have no idea how to replace him. Buying a marquee player in his younger years is a bit harder than an experienced twilight player. Harry does a shitload more talking than walking for the record too

  4. walsh you got it right
    Ray you are the cunt, we're all spurs fans so less hate more mate
    Yid try and use cockney jargon instead of septic tank bullshit, its embarrassing a londoner trying to talk like a septic
    fuck the weasal modric, if hes soooo fockin good why did we lose a ten point lead over the scum , fuck him and his mum
    the porto prick will bring no good to this club not better than fat harry anyway, be prepared.

    • Have to agree Luka can smell the BS from a mile away. To be fair to Harry he let all the England nonsense get the better of him and forgot the day job, leaving the team without direction just when we needed it most. AVB is the next Christian Gross and we all know how that ended


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