AVB’s Spurs – ‘truly shit’


A slick-as-hell first half, chance after chance, miss after miss. The loss of momentum, the defensive clangers, the inevitable late goal conceded. The products of the Andre Villas-Boas reign, right? Wrong.

For those of you with a memory shorter than your patience (which, given Saturday’s boos, is pretty bleeding short), I’ll explain. I hate to dwell on the past, but I seem to remember these shortcomings spoiling many a party when we were managed by a droopy-eyed market trader named Harry.

Of course, the Portuguese tactician has shit all over our blistering form of last season. Four wins in the final 13 games. It’s a lot to live up to. Ok, he’s got no Modric, no Parker and an unfit Adebayor. But one point from a potential six? Bring me the fucking guillotine. I’ll do it myself.

Ok, ok, the Dawson saga – before it’s brought up – has been badly handled. There’s the fear that Villas-Boas, in his stubbornness, will alienate the fans. Like he himself said, we need evolution not revolution. It’s a long-term gig and there’s plenty of time to bring about change.

But on the pitch, the cock-ups have been those distinctly Spurs-like, not AVB-like. It’s not the high defensive line getting us in trouble, neither is the formation. In fact, we’ve played well until we’ve gone off the boil.

It’s simple, stupid mistakes. Mistakes that hang over from the last regime. Mistakes that Villas-Boas has to put right. Can he take the blame for them? Sure. It’s his job to sort. But, honestly, I have more faith in him to restore us to the form of early last season than I would Harry.

Harry had the chance. Three wins in the last four, sure. But it wasn’t enough. Remember the dropped points against Villa? Us, happy to settle a point? That cost us Champions League football.

We came into this season on a low – it’s up to AVB to reverse it. I have confidence he can. You should too. And if you don’t at least get behind the team.


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    • It weren't Harry's fault that he was in the frame for the England job, if anyone thinks that didn't affect the players then you are dreaming, they played and performed hard for him, why..because they believed in him and liked him..lobbing the ball up to Defoe on Saturday and not playing with width, what the hells this bloke doing.success for a short time in Portugal means nothing in this,the hardest league in the world" not only do Chelsea nick our champions league spot we get dumped with their throw back..di meteor steps in and success unfolds,you see it was already there in the first place just no faith, no determination and no respect for the manager,thanks levy…

  1. very well said! sick of all the so called spurs fans getting on avb and levy's back after only 2 games! we are already in a better position than we were last season after two points, all be it by a point! we are still bedding into the avb regime, one that i and many other fans ive spoken to have faith in. just give it time, avb and levy will come good. credit to redknapp but he took us as far as he could.

  2. Yeah its only been two games so I agree we shouldn’t get on him, BUT in terms of people referring to the fact we had 0 points in the first two games last year, that wad against champions man city and man utd. That is a difference to west brom and newcastle. I still believe in AVB. Our problem is we need a creative midfielder with few days left to get one. Sandro and livermore don’t have the vision, they just have heart and spirit.

  3. I do agree with everything

    Just not the 1 point in 2 games if you recall it was against the manchester clubs that turned out 1st and 2nd maybe a point from newcastle but should have won west brom at home i dont mean to critisis but we should have 4 pounts minimum compared to last season i hope avb brings us back up and back to winning ways i wont judge the manager till he has had a fair chance to prove himself

  4. Yeah, I agree one point is not good enough – and I know it's good to get off to a positive start – but we've had worst runs (i.e. the end of last season).

    What I'm saying is, I think his job is to actually stop the rot, and turn us around.

  5. Harry was off his head in february/march when the england situation started to be banded about. AVB is an anorak. The man we should have had has once again proven he's got the tactical nouse to beat the big boys, and that's with little money to spend, and you all know who i mean, his teams may not play pretty football, but it's all about the winning in the end, and better to do that than play fancy football and come away from a wet and cold britannia with no points. Verdict is last 12 months harry was shite, next 3 years AVB to be shite. Levy please save us, build the new stadia with you friend joe's money then spend the rewards on decent players not ex arsenal shit!

  6. i totally disagre with avb playing old ballie gallas before lillywhite dawson.
    i rather have a fit huddlestone aka hoddle than dembele.anyways good luck to spurs still 100% behind
    our team!!!!

  7. Although I’m not an avid fan of avb because of the way he has gone about sorting the team,he is prepared to clean out what seems to be a unfair share of deadwood,Dawson should stay just because he has at least 2 more good seasons left and understands how we play.despite having only played a handful of games,jd is still as a sharp as most top prem strikerss if not better.I think to much change too quickly could really do more harm than good but I hope I’m verng.not to sure about the high pressure line either with our defence,t

    so long as we shiiiiit on the gunners and chelski ill be a happy spurs fan

  8. I do not see AVB doing well at spurs. His tactics are rubbish. Defoe as a lone striker is daft. JD just hasn't got the physical presence and toughness for that role. 2 defensive holding midfielders in Sandro and Livermore just hands initiative to the opposition and curtails spurs attacking instincts. Harry ended the season well and started fine (first 2 games apart), and his blip was due to the England distraction. AVB was rubbish at Chelsea and i have seen enough to suggest he will be same at spurs. He is clueless. To give him time is to revert to the rubbish endured under Juande Ramos. Getting AVB was Levy's biggest mistake.


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