BAE tells Spurs to spend or end up like Aston Villa


Benoit Assou-Ekotto - THFC news

Benoit Assou-Ekoto has told the Tottenham board to financially match the Premier League big spenders.

BAE has warned Spurs that they must put their hands on the pockets, or end up like Aston Villa! Where did that come from Benny?

He told the Evening Standard: “If we want to become great, the club have to do certain things differently so as to match what the top teams do in a financial sense.

“Since we qualified for the Champions League, we can say, yes, we have become a big team.

“Now, to become like Chelsea or Manchester United, we need to keep the same team for the next couple of years and make everyone happy to stay, rather than being in the situation we were with Luka Modric during the summer.

“There’s a lot to be excited about at Spurs now with the new training ground and maybe a new stadium.

“It feels like the future could be really good for the fans but if the players don’t stay, we could end up like Aston Villa.

“Not long ago, they were maybe two or three players away from becoming a top team.

“They didn’t buy them and they didn’t keep the ones who were already there and since that time, they have taken a few steps back.

“Instead of being able to build on what they had, players ended up leaving Villa, so I hope Tottenham will make the right steps.”

“If a player is earning £3 somewhere and another club offers him £6, he will ask his current club to match that offer.

“If they don’t match it, he will move to another club, because he might feel undervalued.

“True, there are other things a player thinks about but the first thing a player speaks about when he is negotiating with a club is money.”

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  1. As a Aston Villa fan, I should take offence at some of this statement, however I can do nothing but whole-heartedly agree with it. Villa's lack of investment over the past few years has resulted in four of our top players leaving for other clubs that are all in the champions league or on the verge of joining it. BAE is correct in what he says, the only way to keep up with the rest of the pack is to spend in the short term and strucutre a youth development system that provides future talent in the long term.

  2. Benny is a modern legend. I wish he had a weekly blog. Its so nice to hear an honest footballer that admits it is a business. At least when the dark day of him leaving comes we wont argue as he stated from day one he will go where the money is.

  3. Benny always talks sense, I dont think any Villa fan will disagree, we moan about us selling Keane, Berba and Carrick but Villa have lost Ashley Young, Stewart Downing, Gareth Barry and James Milner without any replacements, except NZog for Downing.

    We replaced Carrick with Modric, we replaced Berba with Adebayor and Keane with VDVaart.

    We do need to push on a bit but really we have 1 position up for grabs at the moment, right midfield, other than the team picks itself, I think its more a case of holding onto what we got than signing players.

    I think the club understands the fans, selling/loaning Hutton, Jenas, Crouch, Palacios, Bentley and O’Hara proves this.

    At the end of the season get rid of Pav and Bassong, promote Caulker and sign a big striker and I will honestly say I am happy with every member of the spurs squad.

    Gomes and Corluka are debatable as they can frustrate me but we are lucky fans when you look at Villa

  4. if you knew shite bout football youd realise hes fookin shite and shud shut the fuck up.
    Match of the Day got the low down on this wanker when Lawrenson or the other ex pool player said he had no right to play in the premier, he looks good going forward but hes not a defender . He coist us loads of points, he also needs a haircut. Believe me=wanker

    • Big g, benny is a spurs legend. its people like you that make me thank god I am slightly normal. U r no spurs fan if you call benny a wanker, so retract your horrible comment, or f off.

  5. Benny is a modern legend.=patheticv, actually more than pathetic=Chris Hughton was worth ten of thids prick.Why Harry selects him is a fucking legend.

  6. These pricks who pick up 60 grand a week should be askerd if thats alright, if it is then honour the fucking contract. the croation weasal comes from a country where they got trouble putting their strides on in the morning and now hes upset hes not getting 130 a week. Fuck him, and remember we pay the queers wages. What are most on you on? Giroto 350 a week. And you lot are worried bout wankers like these? Fuck em!!!!

  7. we didnt replace carrick with the weasal you prick, Carrick showed what shit he is v Barca and think of Carrick in the light of GlennHoddle and you got whjat a wanker he was. What you are watching at the White Hart today is a mere shadow of yesteryear. For instance the Adebeyor Defoe flange woulsd never have got in the Double team nor Burkinshaws side. You pay 40 notes to watch crap but not just us , its all bollocks but its our drug.

  8. Big G, you are such a tool. Benny is a quality left back, up there with Ashley Cole and Evra. I think he is better than both of them going forward.

    Our problem is Kaboul is still learning as is Dawson. Gallas and King don't play enough. We need one more top class CB to coach Kaboul and Dawson then we are the finished article. Oh and a top class striker to replace Adebayor in the summer. Short of spending Man City money, we have the best Spurs team I have seen in my lifetime, and BAE is a key part of that team.

  9. Benny is quality no doubt about it. Yes he makes the odd mistake mainly due to lack of concentration but he combines brilliantly with Bale. Oh dear Big G-ooners here spreading his propaganda again. I'll agree with you
    Carrick was shite against Barca, but thats hardly a crime gainst them is it. Talk about bloody live in the bloody past. No doubt things were better all round in bloody 1961….you sound like bloody Alf Garnett mate.

  10. Fella's don't entertain "Big G's" ego by responding to his unlettered – ignorant – uneducated – unlearned comments ~ we all know Bennie's Value and quality to the team, nuff said…….

    Then point out one player on the planet who doesn't mess up at some stage/stages of their careers ~ then who would you replace him with if he's so bad and if anyone can name one, let's buy him in Jan?

    In DL & Arry We Trust


  11. Benny is right. We need to invest in a new left back – urgently.
    He is about as consistent as Gomes, and 90% of the time he gets the ball he hoofs it forward, losing posession.
    Take him and Bassong to the Urals and they can shack up with Eto'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'.


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