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As we are in the midst of an International break and no games to comment on, the tabloids will no doubt have one eye on the January transfer window.  I’m expecting the usual stories ‘re Spurs to surface, not least unhappy players and ‘poor’ wages. So I thought I’d put an article together that gives people something to read that doesn’t revolve around Harry Kane being too good for Spurs!

Following a fine 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge, I understand that the  Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola referred to Spurs as ‘the Harry Kane’ team. While not mentioning Spurs by name was hardly in the same bracket as AFC Wimbledon failing to recognise MK Dons ( a debate for another day) I still felt it a little bit disrespectful.

Whether it was an attempt at a joke, a misquote by the aforementioned tabloids, or managerial mind games it won’t have gone unnoticed by Pochetino.

Maurico has many outstanding qualities but for me his respect for his fellow peers is one that shines very brightly. When comments were recently attributed to Antonio Conte regarding Spurs perceived lack of ambition I understand a phone call from the Italian cleared the air. If this is the case, a class response from Conte.

Pep would do well to remember that Spurs gained 4 points in their games with City last year and a certain H Kane didn’t feature among the scorers.

I may be looking into his comments a bit deeply and as the title suggests have ‘taken the bait’. But I guess as the old saying goes it’s better to be talked about…..

I am sure Poch, in his usual unflappable style has afforded himself a wry smile as he pins the article on the dressing room wall.

While Harry is now (quite rightly according to many) being spoken about as being world class, curiosity (and Pep’s comments) pointed me in the direction of Wikipedia and a look at Messi Fc’s stats during the 2011 / 2012 season.

Barcelona managed by current Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola (in his last season in charge) finished second in a 2 horse race.  If you take Lionel Messi’s goals away they would have been a further, whopping 23 points adrift of their final total.  This is almost double than the additional 12 points gained for Spurs by Harry last season.  Incidently City’s Segio Aguero was responsible for 11 extra points.

Those of you who haven’t erased it from your memory will have realised this was the year Chelsea’s Champions League win denied 4th placed Spurs a place in the following year’s competition. Their run including a semi final win versus, you’ve guessed it, Barcelona. Where were you Lionel?!!

Sadly, I feel that no amount of statistical wizardry will deny Pep the title this year.  But you have to dream and I for one will continue to live in hope that our ‘1 man team’ may yet achieve the impossible.

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  1. You took 1 of those points from City when a shortsighted referee failed to see our wonderful new full back Kyle Walker pull his new team mate Raheem Sterling back in the penalty area when he was through on goal.

  2. Good Stuff. I've commented elsewhere on the 'Harry Kane Team' comment, and I can't make up my mind whether it was something lost in translation or a not-very-funny joke, or a weak attempt at mind games. If it was the latter, it displays a lack of class that I would have expected from Maureen-ho but not Pep. In any event, Pep is in no position to snipe at other teams, especially when they don't have his budget of Squillions.

  3. Exactly, Spurs wouldn't be a one Man team if they also had millions to squander on buying a team of galaticos…… Let's not kid ourselves here, Citeh only have a decent team because of money. On a level playing field Spurs would have slightly more fans (Catchment area etc), slightly bigger stadium (when the new one is finished), slightly more revenue (ticket prices and "real" sponsorship such as American Football link up would be higher) and better weather – which means on average Spurs would attract better players but hey-ho, Citeh are funded by a Middle East country. Before the cash, Citeh hadn't beaten Spurs for over a decade in the league. I'm just happy Spurs are able to compete at all and, if I were Citeh's manager, I very much doubt anyone would be able to compete given the advantage. What does that say about Pep!


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