Bale brands Charlie Adam a ‘coward’


Gareth Bale has labelled Charlie Adam “a coward” after being left on crutches by a tackle from the Liverpool midfielder.

The Spurs winger was left in a heap on the floor during the 0-0 draw on Saturday at Baltimore following a silly over-the-top tackle from Adam.

Bale told the newspapers: “He’s a bit of a coward. What he did was over the top. Some people are like that and it’s just wrong.

“It’s flattering when players try to take you out in a game but, when it threatens your career, it becomes more serious than that.”

Bale and Adam have history following the latter’s challenge when he was playing for Blackpool in 2011.

Bale added: “There are pictures on the internet of what he did before when he snapped all my ankle ligaments. I was out for three months that time. He’s come for me twice now – and he’s got me twice.

“When someone makes a very bad tackle on you, you expect an apology. I’ve had no apology. And I’m not going to accept his apology.”

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  1. what a big girl bale is,hes probably better playing hide and seek or playing with his dolls,i have seen some bad tackles and never seen a player cry so much about it a coward i think he needs to look at himself and grow up,yes it was a late tackle when the season starts we will see hundreds of them,if he didnt lie and played for team gb then he wouldnt of got hurt

    • ken, the object of the game is to get the ball you know that round thing wee kick along the ground yeah and not the bloody player.

  2. He’s a jock cunt. As if we need anymore reason to hate the sponging jocks. The sooner they gain complete independance from England the better. I’m fed up of working hard to fund their druggie alcoholic population. Adam is regarded as their most talented footballer of the current generation. Sums up their ability and mentality. As for Liverpool, it’s a measure of how far they have fallen that they rely of players like Adam to fill their once great shirt. Very sad.

  3. Agree with Stoney. He's a jock cunt. No room in the game for morons like him. Never did like him, even at Blackpool. Glad we didn't by the crap and hope we never do.

  4. This article is about the tackle not the nationality. Do you un – der – stand? I thought it was an excellent tackle that bale fully deserved.

  5. And you look at all the daily mail, goal and ESPN articles there are hundreds of Liverpool scum saying bale deserved it and sticking up for that dirty Jock c***. Walker is probably right Adam is jealous of bales ability!

  6. Neutral here – tackle was poor but exactly like 50 challenges in the league every weekend.
    Surely a massive contributing factor to the injury is the stupid decision to continue playing the rest of the match?
    How can you carry on if the bloke has "put you in crutches"?.The physio/Bale himself is just as much at fault for the extent of the injury now.
    Didn't like AVB's attitude at CFC,seems the same petty childish mind-set being applied at Spurs.
    If this was about the challenge when Adam was @ Blackpool then I'd understand it but not for this.

  7. "Chopper" Adams is in the same mould as Joey Barton…and just as popular.I have great respect for Brendan Rogers.Lets hope he lays down the law.Shame on him if he doesn't and shame on Liverpool if they allow this attitude to flourish.Adams has got to learn how to conduct himself on the pitch,so he should face a lengthy ban,just like Barton.Yeah..12 weeks should do it.

  8. Dibril cisse almost lost his leg few years ago due to a VERY VERY bad tackle but i never saw him accuse his tackler as coward or crying like bale do..
    Bale are a disgrace for commenting this in public..he was pay millions for a contact sports..dun like it dun play the game faggots.


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