Is Bale the best in the world?


A question being banded about is if Gareth Bale is the best player in the world.

He is certainly in a real ‘purple patch’ at the moment and in my opinion he is – at this time – on a par with Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. The only difference is that Messi and Ronaldo have been at their level for a number of years. Gareth has been as good for the last year or so, but to be put in their class needs to continue as he is for some time. Saying that, I personally think he can. He has all the attributes, it’s just a shame he plays for Wales who with respect dont have the quality of players as Argentina and Portugal do, and therefore doesn’t get the around the world coverage Messi and Ronaldo have.

What would be a complete travesty is if Gareth Bale doesn’t win both Player’s Player of the Year and Player of the Year. However, with the media so ‘pro’ Manchester United, my money is on Van Persie to win Player of the Year, even though in my opinion it should undoubtedly be Gareth Bale.

What do you think?

By CheekyCockney

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  1. Another brilliant article Cheeky and yes i agree with you. He is surely one of the best in the world at the moment and he would be better recognised worldwide if he played for a big nation. And yes he should win Player Of The Year.

  2. I agree with Cockney 100%. Bale is fantastic right now and lets hope he continues to get better and better. Player of the year ? if he does'nt win it there is something very wrong with our football.

  3. Not sure he is quite in the Messi class but can see the angle you are attacking. If he gets better he could be one of the worlds best. You are though absolutely right about the National (Wales) thing.

  4. Yes Bale is on a purple patch and is up there with the best of the world. Lets hope he continues to progress and more importantly that he stays with us.


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