Bale for Kane? Could Spurs be tempted


According to The Express Mauricio Pochettino is ready to sell Harry Kane to Real Madrid but only if he gets Gareth Bale in return, that is according to sensational reports in Spain.

The article says Kane is on Real Madrid’s radar as they look at overhauling their attack and chairman Florentino Perez wants a new strike force with Karim Benzema and Bale’s future uncertain.

It adds that Kane’s form has attracted interest from Madrid, and while Tottenham would not countenance selling Kane at this point reports from Spain, from Don Balon, claim Pochettino is more open to it.

The article adds that we are believed to have the first option on signing Bale if he leaves Madrid, despite Manchester United’s interest.

It also describes how Bale has struggled again this season with injury and has not played since the end of September but has returned to training, however he was not in the squad to face Sevilla yesterday.

So do we think Mauricio would sanction such a move. A lot of people would like to see Bale in a Spurs shirt again but surely that would be a step backwards?

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  1. Lol What rubbish. Like we would really lose a player that scores a goal a game to get an injury prone player that is nearly 30. Whoever said Poch would consider this is quite simply making it up up to get attention. It did amuse me though.

  2. Why are you even treating this with anything other than bullshit? If Real come calling and Kane wants to go then we may have no option but to say Poch is keen but only to for Bale in return. FFS! Just FFS.

  3. All the main newspapers pick up about 8 stories a week (all sensationalist click bait and all with a strong whiff of made up garbage) from this Don Balón – never heard of the rage til about 18 months ago – is not just some made up vehicle they can use to save credibility by blaming another publication for the story? It’s one thing small blogs doing this but 4 or 5 nationals keep running this tripe. Anyway, like anyone outside of a lunatic asylum would swap Kane (heart and soul spurs) for Bale (went on strike and forced a move – created I’ll-will and dressing room issues. Pure crapola

  4. Where is d logic. Kane is on the Up.

    Secondly..he has said..he wants ti be a SPURS legend..he is one of us.

    Bale IS ALSO one of us. He has already seen n played enough. He can end n flourish his glory with an up n coming Spurs youthful team. N Bale knows us..Spurs.

    Come On Ye Spurs.

  5. Once again cheap journalism just to get a reaction which is exactly whats happening cmon guys i’ve said before stop recycling the same old bollox and use your skills to entice readers with something worthy to read

  6. I’d sanction Dele for Bale any day. Kane NO. But just imagine them in the same team….I mean Bale is Wales and was Spurs virtually on his own.

    • 25 year old Erikesn (plays about 100 games a season, runs about 12 or 13 km a game and never gets injured) and is pretty much the hub of all our creativity we and swap him for 30 year old Bale (sat in his slippers slipping cocoa for 90 percent of the past 2 seasons, while running 0 km).? think I’ll pass on that one cheers

  7. What a great idea, the best striker in Europe in his prime ,swapped for a player who is always injured and at the end of his career.

    This story isn’t going away is it? That’s because someone is considering it. Once is enough ,but please don’t waste the Bale money twice. Bale won’t softened the blow of Harry leaving ,but 250million might.

    Ps. If spurs win the champions league make that 300 million.


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