Bale: They can keep kicking me


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Tottenham talisman Gareth Bale has no problem being kicked by Premier League defenders.

“It’s not nice but I suppose it’s a compliment when you’re playing well and people want to drag you down,” he told Spurs TV Online.

“There have been two sent off in the last two games, so they can keep kicking me if they want as long as they get sent off.”

Bale has become renowned for his lung-busting runs, devilish crosses and spectacular strikes, but Saturday’s win at Wigan saw him demonstrate another string to his bow as he headed home Luka Modric’s corner.

“We’ve been speaking about making runs from corners,” said Bale after what was his first Premier League goal since New Year’s Day.

“It’s always good to get you head on it and get a goal.

“I’ve scored a few goals in the air now.

“Hopefully, I can score a lot more, on the floor and in the air.”

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  1. While I agree with his take-on-all-comers attitude, I would be happier if teams stopped kicking him. Not for his sake, or Spurs' sake, but my poor heart can't take it anymore, watching him crash to the ground and those agonizing seconds, waiting for him to get up, unscathed.

  2. How true, real breath holding stuff when he gets crashed out, we take the man for granted, but without him a big part of Spurs `Champaign` football is lost.


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