Bale offered to Spurs in Eriksen swap deal

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Express say Gareth Bale has been offered back to Tottenham in a stunning swap deal, according to reports in Spain.

Bale has had a hit and miss sort of season for the Real Madrid team, being left out regularly despite that he came off the bench to score twice during the Champions League final win against Liverpool.

The article describes how the Welsh superstar put himself in the shop window with a dazzling display and a move back to the Premier League has been well mooted.

The article goes on to say that now Real president Florentino Perez is keen to offer Bale back to Tottenham in exchange for Christian Eriksen, according to Don Balon.

Real’s La Liga rivals Barcelona are also said to be monitoring the Danish midfielder – who they see as the perfect replacement for Andres Iniesta, who left at the end of the season however Don Balon add that Eriksen is valued at €140m (£123m), and Real are willing to do a straight swap to edge out Barcelona’s interest.

The article goes on to say that Welsh star is keen to return to the Premier League and Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have all been suggested as potential destinations but adds that Bale prefers a return to Tottenham.

Aside the fact it is just paper rumour, would you do a straight swap with Eriksen and Bale. Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Thanks but no thanks, we want to add quality, not swap it, in any case Eriksen in my opinion is better and younger, so why would we swap and down grade.

  2. I would do a swap but with a little twist ! Bale behind Kane would be devastating, Can’t hide the fact Eriksen has been quality but there’s something speacial about mate , the twist I’d add is throw Modric into the deal and that would massively strengthen us in two areas .

  3. It’ll never happen. I can only think of two swap deals that have actually happened in the past 15 years. Cole for Gallas and Alexis for Mkhitaryan. Levy will never entertain a swap deal , since he can get more value by negotiating each deal individually.

  4. Not a chance bale is amazing but had no real loyalties to the club eriksen has been part of the team that has changed the club and to start breaking it up would be a major mistake

  5. Good idea mark,i think if bale is valued at 80m and eriksen at say 120m ,we should get modric plus cash or a fringe player.Hate to see eriksen go but what a team we would have then,

  6. Not a chance a backward step he left so no way back for him.there’s far better players to sign to fit into our system.injury prone as well 20 games if lucky

  7. Lads, Bale isn’t coming back to Spurs ffs. If I got up tomorrow to find out that some bizarre shit had happened during the night, and he’d willingly cut his pay by two thirds, and Madrid had cut their fee by two thirds, I’d be all emotional and get tears on my toast and marmalade from the enormity of it all. But ffs, wipe your eyes! Gareth Bale (like Modric before him) went on strike from Tottenham Hotspur to be free of us. Let’s move on, yeah? Grow one people.

  8. Not in a hundred years. Bale is the past, Eriksen is the future. Get his signature on a new long term contract with a substantial pay rise to keep him at Spurs.

  9. NO way. give them toby plus cash .But never let Eriksen go . What a team with Bale .ali harry and eriksen. John w june 11 9-45 est

  10. Let’s do it as I believe Bale’s injuries have something to do with him not welcome by Ronaldo and Real’s supporters . He now realised who true love is and want to make amend. He + Modric will be an awesome addition!

  11. Swap Eriksen with Modric plus some cash won’t work for MP…if spurs let their main player out,they will search long term replacement.

  12. No-one here seems to be taking into account that Eriksen may go anyway, If not this year then maybe 2019/20.
    At least Bale would see out the years he has left at EPL level.

  13. Eriksen is the main cog in our system without him I feel we would be fighting for champions league again . I’d love bale back but not in expense of the Great Dane .

    Eriksen deserves a big new contract like Harry . So vital to everything we’ve achieved the last few years .

  14. Why disrupt our team, of which eriksen is a vital cog.poch is the manager,poch shows convictions, even though not all may agree. Poch doesn’t read Don baloney or the express,
    I think poch has some power of persuasion and concept of the team and the club on levy. And levy is happy with the way things are and could be.


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