Sunday’s Bale to leave Spurs rumours


It wouldn’t be Sunday unless the media were linking Gareth Bale with a move away from Tottenham Hotspur, and this Sunday is no different to any previous.

We all know Bale’s recent performances have been nothing short of breathtaking. His match winning goals against West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle and Lyon have only helped to fuel speculation among the online rumour mill that the Welshman will not be playing this football at the Lane next year with half of Europe said to be keen on capturing his signature.

Here’s what today’s rumours consist of:

  • Real Madrid have asked for first option on Tottenham star Gareth Bale and are ready to pay £50million
  • New Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola wants to bring Bale to Germany
  • Money-rich Paris Saint German want Bale to become the latest star to move to the French capital

These rumours show no sign of going away.  All we can do is ensure that we do finish in the top four and can deliver Champions League football next season – the way Bale is playing as of late he will be delivering our return to Europe’s top club competition almost single handed!


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  1. As fans we all wish the very best for Gareth's future wherever that may be – hopefully with Spurs, but, before he makes any decision he needs to take a long hard look at past heroes of ours who moved away and it didn't go quite right for them unfortunately. Three recent ones who cme to mind are Robbie Kean, brilliant for us, at Liverpool – nothing ! Then there was Berbatov, again one of the most laid – back goal scorers we've ever had, who wanted the bright lights of Man Utd – where is he now, and last but not least we have Luka Modric, loved by the players and fans alike always wanted to play for Real Madrid, close, he watches them from the bench every week. An outstanding player is only as good as the team mates around him e.g Carroll – Newcastle, Torres – Liverpool to name but a few. COYS !

  2. I will never understand how players, managers, supporters think in football. Is the ball easier to kick in Spain or Germany? Is the pitch smaller? Do the players run faster? No? So why move? "He will develop into a better player" I hear you say. "How"? I reply. Why would he? I believe Modric was told the same. Exactly what skills would he acquire at Real Madrid which he cannot learn at Tottenham? You don't get better at another club just because it's another club. There will be a change: in pay. If you move only for money, your play will not improve, just the quality of….your possessions. Real Madrid drew at home to Man U. Tottenham beat Man U at Old Trafford, and drew in a one sided game at home.
    There is so much rubbish talked about in football, which cannot be supported by logic and fact.
    One more thing……besides scoring two goals from free kicks against Lyon, what else did Bale do? OK, I'll wait another 15 seconds.

  3. nahh sell him to bayern get robben and money then buy baines and damiao stronger squad and still have change 2 release ady boooooom

  4. Boring !!!!!
    same old same old story
    Big fish little pond or little fish big pond
    His choice not ours,
    Lets enjoy what we have while we have it.
    If he wants to go then let him go with a ' thanks and goodbye'
    Still be Tottenham Hotspurs

  5. hate to see Bale go but money talks for the Club although some that hve stayed withtheir clubs hav benefitted hugly for themselves and the clb eg Gerar,Scles etc


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