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Sebastian Bassong is relishing the upcoming crunch match against Liverpool on Sunday, with the task of handling Fernando Torres something he is really looking forward to.

Torres has shown some signs of returning to form lately and Bassong could be called upon to shackle the Spaniard.

Bassong is available after being overlooked by Cameroon for the African Nations tournament, and feels he is up to the challenge of facig the most lethal frontman in the Premier League in a match that’ll go a big way towards the race for fourth place.

“He (Torres) is good, but there are many good players in England.

“He is only one of them. You don’t have to be scared of him, otherwise you can’t play.”

Bassong also revealed his pride at Spurs’ current lofty position in the table and has claimed they will travel to Anfield full of confidence.

“There is no secret. We are working hard every day in training.

“We’ve got a squad full of great guys and the spirit in the team is good. We are enjoying things.”

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  1. I sometimes wish players would just shut up and play. I can’t ever remember an instance where a player has come out giving it ‘the biggun’ and not ended up with egg on their face. This is football not boxing. It’s eleven against eleven.

  2. If Bassong needs any inside information why Gerrard and Torres have gone from long term problems to raging energized Duracell Bunnies hot on our tales. Then forget it because all my bloggs will be about FOOTBALL from now on and if i get called a fucking idiot it will be for my punctuation and full stops. Something that still needs a lot of work but like Spurs it will get much better I promise the one thing that will sum up my feeligs about Bassong opening is mouth look how they raced there tempo and energy for UTD. And since thta game they have bean matched buy matched by Villa till 93 mins and Wolves till they lost a body sent of and Reading .So apart from tactics we will need to match there energized performance for 95 or six minuets to get a draw or better the win. The players who benefit from energized body is Gerrard way above is England energy Torres still full at 93 and beyond mins Benayoun Kuyt all over the pitch could swim the channel under water carragher ten yards faster than is England game and refuses overtures to make is International return because of this. He has so much energy he butted is own player to win the ball against us and is so Knackered when he finishes playing he cant speak English.This is the team we will need to match this energy .GOMES CORLUKA KING DAWSON BASSONG KRANJCAR PALACIOS HUDDLESTONE MODERIC KEANE DEFOE. CROUCH for later only because we gave the ball away to much against west ham hitting long balls and crouchy nodding to west hams midfield. Liverpool will expose this extra ball and we need to be like reading and keep attacking right up to the end seconds Tirdness wont be a facter Benitez nows this and thtas why he is confident they will catch us and the rest dont be fooled while they have there man in charge of the Fa anything is possible this is is last year both UTD and liverpool have freinds that pull strings Gill and BARWICK. Having said my piece I think we wont get beat (WHILE I KEEP GIVEN FANS HINTS WHY LIVERPOOL ARE CALLED THE COMEBACK KINGS AND LATE LATE GOALS AND FEW MORE HAVE JOINED IN).

  3. DAVSPURS, please shut up. No one cares what you have to say, You may have been making a valid point before but you’ve tried to force us all to believe what you believe, which never works. Find somewhere else to have your tiresome rants, because they are not welcome here. I think I speak for everyone, if not then I apologise. Just leave it alone.


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