Beckham wants regular football, but can Spurs offer it?


David Beckham - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

David Beckham is “amazed” at the amount of offers he has received.

The 36-year-old has been linked with a move to Tottenham on a number of occasions and Harry Redknapp has waxed lyrical about Becks more time than he’s whacked a free-kick into the top corner.

Redknapp has recently however suggested that he could struggle to offer Beckham regular first team football due to the abundance of talent he already has in his midfield ranks.  Judging by Beckham’s quotes in the Daily Telegraph, wherever he moves to he’d be looking for regular first-team football which could be out of the question at Spurs.

There is still a chance old Goldenballs could stay in LA, if I had to wage a bet right now – he won’t be a Spurs player any time soon.

“I have had a lot of offers and I must say that I’m amazed that, at my age, I have had so many. Its been a bit of a surprise,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“I have to see how my body feels once the play-offs are over, but I love it here and there is a real chance I will stay, especially if my family are happy.”

“What will actually happen next I still can’t say, but what is very important in the decision in terms of what I do, be it staying here, or going to PSG or wherever, is that I get enough time on the pitch because I want to be part of the Olympics,” he continued.

“I’ve made no secret of that. Even to be in the team would be incredible. To be part of that Olympic spirit and to be able to win gold for Britain would be the ultimate [goal] for me.

“The fact that we’ve got the Olympics in the east end of London where I grew up, the fact that I could be part of that and that I could be out there trying to win gold would mean a hell of a lot to me because I am very patriotic.

“So whoever I sign for, to make sure I would be ready to make that attempt, I would have to be playing regularly.”


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  1. Please god … no way.. the zimmer frame would be a tripping hazard, his blind dog would be biting folks and his nurse would get underfoot.
    He would be a danger to himself and those around him … besides didn't he want to just be remembered as a ManU player?
    Sorry if I give the impressing of being a tad negative.

  2. He never was any fucking good, he got much more praise than he deserved, what did he do, played out on the wing fired in a few decent crosses and sometimes a great free kick but look how cuntchester took off without him. He would have been good as Glenn Hoddles shadow. Hoddle by the way if you never saw him showed why todays football is total shite to the eighties. I heard someone say , a Supposed Spurs geezer, that Hoddle wern't all that, the only thing I c an say is you never saw him play.And what about the Spur who scored 58 goals in a season, it wasnt Clive Allen or Greaves , lets see if anyone knows?

  3. Hes very patriotic=wanker. Does he know that Sebastian mong Coe kicked eastenders outta their homes for the mong Olympics? Im not patriotic=what for? Wheres the pride in the Uk today? And anyway how many of us left?

  4. mind you down at the white hart you see some fuckin monsters out for the day with their hubbies,
    think i'd rather be an iron hoof to be honest, like you wake up in the morning with krakatoa erupts meets king fucking kong, hows that for a laugh?
    think I'd rather be in Tottenham Aldis when the indigenous hordes attacked .


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