Benayoun for Modric? You’re kidding me


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea are prepared to use midfielder Yossi Benayoun as bait in their attempt to prise Luka Modric from Tottenham

That is what is being reported in the Daily Mail.  I can’t see how throwing Benayoun into the mix is going to persuade Daniel Levy to part company with Modric.

Luka is far more important to the Spurs side than Benayoun could ever be.  Yes he’s a decent player but at 31 his best years are behind him.

Surely if there is any shred of truth in this, Levy will once again reject it out of hand.


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  1. More insulting offers from Chavski. I know what will change Levy’s mind lets offer a little more money and a player who cant make it into our first team and was out injured for the majority of the last 2 season. Get bent. COYS

  2. Really believe Chelsea not interested in signing modric this all about putting star off for star of season all it’s basically doing is tell their crap , over paid , worn out team they won’t be up for 38 pl and champion league , come October like last year i hope they go into free fall that we see them finish in 12 or13th in the league two places above arsenal

  3. How can you moan about tapping up. You do it aswell.

    You did it with Parker (the only difference is Parker didn’t say he wanted to leave whereas Mod did).

    Just deal with it, Mod wants to go so Chelsea are trying to buy. Obviously they are going to get him as cheap as they can the same way you are trying to buy Diarra for less than the asking price, the same way you try to sell fringe players for far more than they’re worth (which is why they remain at your club)

    Mod will leave it’s just a case of the haggling game. What are you all going to say when Mod leaves.

    If you really think he will say then put something on the line and at least say you will admit you were wrong if (when) it happens

  4. Lol, Spurs tap up players aswell (Parker), Spurs Try to buy players for less than the asking price (Diarra), Spurs try to get rid of poor fringe players for more than they are worth (Take your pick from many eg – Jenas lol)

    Why do you all act like you are hard done by. It is the way football is now. Moaning about it is just sad. If Mod wants to stay he will end of.


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