Benitez: Spurs will lose points


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Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez believes that his side can close the gap on Tottenham.

Liverpool face the easiest run-in, while Spurs have upcoming games against Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

“It depends on us and if we can keep winning our games,” Benitez told the official Liverpool site. “Tottenham have difficult games so I think we’ll be closer, and we’ll see. Every week will be different.

“After the Europa League we have Birmingham and that will be very tough. But if we can win our games, I think they (Spurs) will lose some points and I think we can be there.

“I hope it can still be a successful season. You can always have bad seasons, but the main thing is the reaction of the players. We will try and fight until the end, and then we’ll see.

“Hopefully we can get in the top four and progress in the Europa League.”

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  1. Can't wait to see the fat spanish waiter talk when he ends up 6th in the league. L'pool have been shocking this season and don't deserve CL football.

  2. desperate talk by a desperate man LFC will not get fourth i hope we do but citeh look good all we can hope for is another meltdown from them

  3. "Drop points before the end of the season," fanatastic, thats why they pay you all that money. The only problem is for fat boy we have 4 more points a game in hand and better goal difference!

    • What you people forget is when Torres is in the mood, he can fire L,pool to fourth place all on his own. And it looks like that the Fat Spanish Waiter has really got him pumped for the remaining games. Although L,pool have been dire this season, they do have experience and with Torres in the side, I don't see them losing anymore games. Its all fire on from here for them. I hope they do drop points but I can't see it, with the fixtures they got. The only hard game for them is Chelsea, and that is at Anfield as well. They have a good record against Chelsea at home.

      • Sorry I can see them driopping more points – Chelsea is a hard game but they’ve dropped points in other gamse that they’ve been expected to win. Torres is a great player but the back 4 is suspect and they do leak chances. Plus we’re 4 in front, a game in hand and better G/D, we’ve got hard games but 2 of them at home where we’ve been good this season against teams who come and play

  4. Benitez is telling it as he sees it: I am factoring 2-4pts from our 3 games vs big boys with liverpool wining their games. It will go down to the wire: Sunderland is a MUST WIN….anything less and liverpool will sniff blood and they will power past us- Arry needs to make sure team don't puff out. There is still a spineless tendency in the team only Gomes, Dawson, Bale & Pals- have ability to power on whilst others slacken.

  5. Having gone through the fixtures, I reckon we will get 11 points from our remaining games, liverpuddle 14 and Citeh 12. The table would end with us on 69 points and both of them on 68….. Fine by me!

  6. Harry should print this and read it to the players before each of the remaining games!
    An insparational team talk handed to us on a plate by Rafa!

  7. It's a big ask, but if we can get 6-7 points from our next 4 games then we should be able to go to Man City only needing a draw. Anything less and we'll need to win at Eastlands. Recent history suggests we have little to fear from Man City when we come up against them.

    Regarding the top 3….we actually did pretty well against the top teams last season. We should go into our games against Chelsea and Arsenal believing that we can beat them. Man U away is a different matter…maybe we should try giving them a 2-3 goal head start as it rarely works for us when we take the lead against them!

  8. I love how LIverpool are now talking like they're going to win every game from now until the end of the season, they've been inconsistent and shit all season. What makes them think that a couple of wins at home where the other team didn't turn up changes anything?

    I can't see them going to Brum this weekend and getting a win for a start. He'll turn up and do his usual Lucas back in midfield routine and they'll be lucky if they escape with a draw.

  9. I think we will get 12 points from our remaining games – thats a draw against Sunderland, Arsenal and City. Plus wins against Bolton and Burnley, and two defeats against Chelsea and Man Utd.
    Liverpool will get 15 pts, and City 12 pts as well, leaving us with 67 pts, Liverpool with 66pts and City with 66. For the record I predict Villa to get just 10 pts from their remaining games.

  10. Sorry guys I was including the portsmouth game, though I also included this past weekends games for the other three teams as well, so the totals still all add up………….anyway Spurs for 4th !!!

  11. You wish we'd drop points? Too bad your wishing well ain't working
    well for you this season cuz you kept losing to minnow sides whom
    you're expected to beat. Spurs dropping points? Watch yours too…
    You better follow our tail closely otherwise you can forget about
    Europa too…

  12. If more fans had sung from the same hymn sheet we would be home and dry the rumourman Nw Cockerel have all told you about Paddy Kennys top up and like the F.A .my fellow fans ,where more concerned about spelling and punctuation than my rant about Energy cheats .The reason the fat weighter and he is the only fat one at Anfield thinks they can catch us is because they are untouchable because of the ramifications if they fail to stay in the cartel. this is why no financial backing will take place till they secure the fourth spot. Lets look at there season every time they upped there Tempo i swooped texting Talk Sport. sky sport and then i spoke to the very persons who test players and also promote that year after i spoke to UK sport they lost a unprecedented 6 games but still got into Europe because they finished fifth and tried to take Everton's place we all no the rest Everton where given the jokers card a top team. So don't be fooled by the Spanish one bragging where is team will finish because is confident's comes from a very high Tempo game that smothers other teams game plan . Utd Spurs Sunderland have all suffered from this amongst many others and the one thing that has caused them to trip up is playing in the European games especially on Thursdays in the UFA. The sad thing is i hate peddling this theory because it looks like sour grapes but the alternative is suffer in silence and i did for wo years but last yeras sackings of Martin jol and Ramos and everybody laughing about how much we spent and we never even made Europe made me act on what i had discovered these grey and yellow capsules of pure Ephedrine where spreading to other teams where players had left the DURACELL and took the energy with them and how to avoid detection from the testers and in some cases there managers no body least of all me wants to think this great game has stooped so low has to have whole teams cheating but sadly this is the case. Its so easy to spot that when i spoke to the testers i thought they would disagree but to my amazement she new all about Ephedrine but in her words Footballers where beating there efforts to stop them. But my theory is they where prevented from doing so and to back this up they excepted The goalkeepers version he accidentally bought it for is chest complaint in cough mixture that allowed the cheats to still compete by using selective targeting of points mostly at home and depending on the team away when i stay silent these teams win some of them with shock results if you think this story is not true then we should beat Pompy and also finish fourth because our to hard games are at home . When we beat Wigan nine one we had a goaly carrying a bad back and one of our ex players having a nightmare from is injury hit comeback and Chelsea beat one of the best defenses 7-1 after a bad loss in Europe and a scathing attack from the spoiled one Abramorich there Tempo increased twofold i wonder why . So we either join in or more fans need to ask questions like the reporter did on sky, he said to the red thin faces why cant you play like that away from home the answer came back we can and he is right but only if the other team are not playing with the same Tempo like Pompy did. We can overcome this by playing players like Walker bale and Lennon if these where in the same tempo then you would need to watch the games in slow motion i rest my rant and my case to all intelligent fans who question this extra Tempo good luck because the word ostrich and sand spring to mind with some of my fellow cockerels. I hope we win the the mini double of fourth and Wembley because we don't need to win on the field and overcome high tempo but also clubs in financial meltdown living on borrowed time and borrowed money and now a club filthy rich and overambitious. Arab owned and in a hurry to dominate the American owned Man UTD in a war of Football we are paying a heavy price for both Afghanistan and Iraq, with Arab oil bought in Dollars buying success and paying for it in high octane energy and petrol prices

  13. MATT if we had we would be top think about it how many late goals have we conceded how many of our players chase the ball back to the goalkeeper and run round in packs of three and dont even stop for breath none or Stoke and Wolves would not have beat us .This is not just this season Newcastle beat us West brom Who had not won in eleven games and they baet us 2-0 its only because i have bought a computer my message has been laughed at and made fun of. Think of this if i am wrong then why would a goalkeeper Fail a drugs test on this very stuff that i found out was being used and why did the FA overrule his two year ban to 9 months and insult fans intelligent' s by excepting is excuse have you seen the booklet they have on medicine you cant take anything and he has a club docter he could have told the Fa if i get two year ban i will tell of others and is manager sticking up for him made it worse he said it wouldnt make him faster or play better yet he was outstanding and Preston got beat he made some terrific saves and this worries me more than the other team we play .We are playing teams in desperate situations for one reason or another and the penalty's for failure are massive .if this drug was not a killer then let them use it but i believe this drug was a factor in the sudden increase in sport of premature deaths but because i cant prove this or it may hurt innocent players then it will only be speculation so the answer is no i would not like my team to join in but for the new drug laws to be introduced instead of blocking them Rugby has join and the first culprit has bean caught taking growth hormones with blood test these disappear in 48 hours .I love football but you never no when the next shock is coming some fans would enjoy this but if i had not found why the tempo on some teams performances was enhanced then i would also enjoy this shock season. The only way to stop this is suspend relegation for two seasons bring in a salary cap and a yearly budget of 200 hundred million in players wages and transfers and 100 million in January all to together 300 million this would be big enough to satisfy the big clubs and the little clubs . Also Captains of both sides could have two referrals if they feel a decision is wrong and the ref could have two cards also these cards could be blue to symbolize television and could be stored behind the captains arm band .. I think these suggestions could rid our game of illegal energy and give more security to managers and players to build a good enough team to compete.

  14. Davspurs

    Are you saying that certain teams are taking performance enhancing drugs???

    How long have you known about this, and why the HELL haven't you mentioned this before????

    I think that you should dedicate your life to spreading the word about this so called 'Energy'. I recommend that you make regular posts on this website, perhaps 3-4 a day, regardless of the subject matter of the article.

    People NEED to know about this!!!

  15. You know what this is like? The Barry Bonds baseball drug scandal (if you want to call it that), ok we’re not talking steroids but it pretty much amounts to the same thing Barry needed juice to be able to compete at the highest level and had been taking them for years it wasn’t a new phenomena. The outcry only came about because Barry had the temerity to beat Babe Ruth’s all time hitting record, Mark McGuire took steroids to help his game as I am sure have many others all because of the money that’s at stake. And its no different for the EPL the amount of money in football today determines that you need an edge and I am pretty sure there is more truth in the ENERGY theory than many of us want to hear therein lies the problem, ignorance, many of us don’t want to believe that this game we love is in any way tarnished but as long as the testers continue to fail in their jobs and the players who take this energy continue taking it knowing that they will go unpunished then yes football will be tarnished. There is a huge difference between something being undetected and being unchecked. Imagine something like this rocking the world cup finals in south Africa. Never happen too much at stake much safer to nab some no one from an unfancied team and highlight that traces of cocaine were found in an A test how often we heard that? I’m with you Davspurs this thing needs to be looked more closely before some young blood winds up dead.

  16. Every team will lose some points, even Cheslea and Man Yoo. But Rafa think he can win them all! Good job Rafa keep talking, we know u scared!


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