To BAE or not to BAE


Whilst our young right full back has been receiving the brunt of our defensive criticism this season, it’s the left side that I continually get irritated by, Walker has made his mistakes this season & his enthusiasm for attacking rather than defending has been one of his major downfalls but I believe he is a enthusiastic rough diamond that requires a little more refining in the art of defending.

BAE on the other hand is old enough to have learnt from his previous mistakes but continually commits the same ones as he has since he joined us.

Ok so he doesn’t like football & is only in it for the money. Very honest of you Benoit although I wish he wouldn’t take that attitude onto the pitch quite so often.  You know the one. The player one you see in the huddle before KO who’s got his his head up like a meerkat, having a look around & to me not focusing on the game ahead. It’s that lack of concentration that is my major issue.

His common mistakes will happen during most matches. Like fouling an opposing player, usually by pulling him back with his arm because he’s lost possession trying some flick,trick or that pull back that a lot of players have sussed out or trying to beat a player twice or three times when he’d got past him the first time & had a great chance to cross.

How many times do we see him hoof the ball in the air for no apparent reason? Our match against Werder Bremen away in the Champions league particularly comes to mind as we were cruising 2-0 up in that match with two minutes till half time and he belts the ball straight up & to the opposition who go onto score.

I mean how many of us have seen a ball kicked out of the Lane? He managed that & while it received a big cheer, it just highlighted to me that we need to look at replacing him this summer.

He’s given away his fair share of penalties too, Anfield being the most recent. Admittedly Suarez loves a dive but his challenge was both badly timed & clumsy. His ability at going forward is good but his final cross or pass is usually poor. If you look at our second goal against Arsenal his poor pass indirectly lead to the goal so there’s something to be thankful for, a crap pass

It concerns me that because of his honest attitude to football, mad barnet & different coloured boots that he’s become a bit of a favourite at Spurs which he doesn’t deserve.He even has a catchy song, which compared to Azza’s & Daws tame “there’s only one” is a bloody insult to those two who do love & give their all for the club.

Hopefully those rather fanciful headlines in January about him leaving for a bigger club come to fruition, as I for one, will be happy to see him leave for a decent price.

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  1. Our full backs are one of our main weaknesses, even when full strength.

    Both BAE and Walker can be utter liabilities as they lack the concentration required to be top full backs.

  2. BAE is not the greatest ever, but he is very good, and has not committed many mistakes this season… it shows that you have to go back to Werder Bremen in the champions league all that time ago to illustrate your point. We need BAEs cool calm presence, class on the ball and good defending (yes most of the time – how many times does he just snuff out the danger – a lot!) Come on BAE and COYS

  3. I definitely agree with this article and BAE's lack of determination (not chasing ball back) , passion (plays football for money) and brain (plays long ball to defoe) really annoys me when watching the Spurs play week in week out. I have no idea why so many spurs fans rate him so highly, BAE may look decent on MOTD as he flicks the ball pass his opponent in 'OUR OWN' half but his constant use of the long ball drives me nuts. I prefer Naughton who isn't even a left back as he tries to keep things simple and uses the long ball less often.

  4. Lets face it, BAE was at the top of his game when he had Bale in front of him. Now no more Bale, he's just a fairly average full back. In other words, Bale made him look good. Don't get me wrong, I like him. I wouldn't miss him if he left. I don't think spending a few million will necessarily get a replacement thats any better. Stick with him until Friers is ready to step up even if it means conceding a penalty or two along the way!

  5. Total rubbish he is in the top 3 left backs in the league.

    He never said he doesn't like football he says he is a professional and plays for Spurs for money. The thing is most players play for money but aren't honest enough to say it. It's tired and is always brought up as a stick to beat him with.

    Spurs would have to spend about £20m to get a better left back and since they are not even prepared to pay that for the much needed striker they won't for a full back.

  6. BAE is not the best LB at Spurs, but at the moment, Naughton is not good at LB yet, as he hesitates when running up with the ball, and our attack, loses the advantage. Townsend cud hv been a better player, buy loaned out.

  7. got to respectfully disagree. I think BAE is class. Composed, an eye for a pass and had a great relationship with Bale, really helped him come on. Don’t forget how long he was injured for this season. You don’t just hit the ground running after that.

    P.S. That huddle is stupid and I wouldn’t want to be in it either. It’s all for show. What are they saying there that couldn’t be said in the dressing room?

  8. Stop messing about with the tactics and go back to what we know, Bale on the left, siggi or dempsey playing off of Addy, if he manages to turn up that is, simple 4th spot taken coys

  9. I just think if we are to be regular champions league qualifiers then we need someone better than BAE. The huddle may be unwarranted but it is that lack of concentration that gets him in trouble. I’m not saying he’s useless just prone to costly mistakes. Perhaps he is in the top three best PL left backs but who’s he up against?

  10. All players make mistakes. BAE has to defend usually against 2 men as Bale when playing on the left doesn't and never has tracked back. He does this admirably and without complaint. He then also gets forward when Bale decides to wander in field to offer width on the left hand side. Name a left back in the league who gets less protection than him? Instead of saying we need better say who you think is better and make it realistic as for me only a player like Lahm might be an improvement but he is not going to sign for Spurs and he is already pushing 30.


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