Bentley apologises for car crash and police charge


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Tottenham Hotspur winger David Bentley has issued a publicy apology to the club and supporters after crashing his car on Wednesday evening and being charged for drink driving, he has been bailed until August 28th.

The England international has failed to make an impact since his £15million switch from Blackburn Rovers to White Hart Lane last summer.

A statement issues from Bentley on the official Spurs site read: “I should like to apologise to my Club and the supporters for my actions which led to my car accident last night and my subsequent charge. It was wholly unacceptable and I fully appreciate that as a professional footballer I have a duty to behave in a reputable and responsible manner. I am thankful that nobody was injured in the accident. This has been a wake-up call for me both personally and professionally. “

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  1. So was he pissed ???????? He should bloody apologise about his poor performances on the pitch i think, who cares if he wrecked his car, i certainly dont.

  2. I am sad to read this I was hoping he will come good I still think he is a good player but I do not know what went wrong and what his personal problems are. I have not seen nuch details on this latest accident to form an opionion.

  3. Maybe this will help him pull his head out of his arse and become the player we paid £15mil for.
    when you buy faulty goods you take them back and demand a refund, any thoughts Blackburn Rovers??????

  4. What was he doing out at 3am ? What was he doing drinking ? What was he doing driving ? In fact other than scoring one fantastic goal what has he been doing since he came to Tottenham ?

  5. I saw Bents getting onto a train at Potters Bar last night at about 6.40ish which was heading to Kings Cross! Must’ve got battered in town, returned to PB and driven from there! Silly boy!

  6. About sums him up…hits the bar then hits the post- he hit a skip a few weeks ago as well.
    Thankfully no one injured…silly stupid behaviour.

  7. A dicky bird tells me it’s all part of his plea for attention since Martin O’Neils approach never materialised. Bentley is a waste man….if he had an ounce of self respect he would spend the rest of his time at Spurs trying to live up to his own hype but he won’t…

    he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, he can’t play too many games per season for it will initiate a clause in his contract, and no one is willing to meet his asking price, this little ‘incident’ directly challenges Redknapp’s authority and will after the Ledley King incident and perhaps Bentley is hoping Spurs will rush to get rid……..

    What a waste of space Bentley has been….

  8. he should have got a taxi ….dont drink and drive….thankfully no one was hurt including himself….

    it makes me laugh how judgmental people are in their comments

    he,s human like the rest of us and makes mistakes ,…..

    dont like the way people who support the club shoot him down..

    in blogs ….which is more than not …..give the guy a break

    but then football supporters….know better….

  9. Classic case of someone becoming so big headed since his move and dining off one wonder goal against Arsenal. I despise drink drivers, it kills lives and probably now killed his career at our club. He has no chance with lennon and now naughton impressing. That shirt has to be deserved to be worn and he deserves nothing but kicking all the way down Tottenham High Road. Sell him to Sunderland, I am sure they will stump up what we paid for him.

  10. As a responsible athlete and role model for young kids, obviously it is acceptable to make what I think counters more than just a mistake. It was blind stupidity and I hope the club punnish him accordingly. As supporters who go to see these players each week and naturally contribute to their vast wages, we deserve the right to criticise. I hardly think it is getting on his back just for the sake of it. And yes we do know better as some players don’t know they are born and how lucky they are to have such a talent and be paid very good money for it.

  11. When will these big headed over paid footballers get their act together. This is totally irresponsible and his time at Tottenham is surely now coming to an end if anybody is foolish enough to buy him.


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