Bentley: A lot of bridges have been burnt


David Bentley has admitted that the doubts that he will ever play for Tottenham Hotspur again.

The winger is on loan at Birmingham City for the rest of the season and admits that “a lot of bridges have been burnt”.

Bentley told the Daily Star Sunday: “We did row at times. That’s part of football. It was probably down to me and my frustration because I wanted to be playing.

“I left Blackburn for Tottenham because I wanted to force on my career. I thought it was a match made in heaven but it never worked out.

“I went there with big ideas, wanting to be part of a team on the up. Not to be a part of that was very difficult to take.

“I don’t know if I’ve played my last game for Spurs but a lot of bridges have been burnt. Whether they can be repaired, I don’t know.

“But I don’t want to sit at Tottenham until I’m 30, doing nothing. I could do that in north London with everything there for me but I want to play every week. That’s why I came here.”

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  1. go rot in hell. 15 fuckin million we wasted on him, when we could have signed a normal player. match made in heaven? no, Match made in the deepest, deepest parts of hell

  2. Wow that was a bit hate filled mate, I will agree never been a massive fan of his work and wish him well at his new club. Hopefully we will find a deal in summer for him and he an play every week and we can somehow recoup a bit of that 15million. Very silly money even back then


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