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A nice lighthearted look at the club, might get people talking by asking supporters for their ‘BEST EVER SPURS TEAM’ – but that they only pick players signed by the club who they have ‘Actually’ seen play in the flesh (not on TV). It is not necessarily a debateable blog, as someone like my son who is say 26 years old would never have seen the great Jimmy Greaves play. I just felt it would be really interesting to see who a wide variety of fans of all ages would choose as the best players they have seen. They can have any system they like and can have any 7 subs.

My team is based on a 4-4-2 system. It has been extremely difficult to choose 11 players for ‘my’ team, and you may wonder how i could leave out such great players as Ginola, King, Chivers, Peters, Villa, Lineker, Sheringham etc, but at the end of the day you can only have 11 players + subs.

So here is my team of the greatest Spurs players I have actually seen play in the flesh.

By CheekyCockney

(G) Pat Jennings
(D) Steve Perryman  Mike England  Graham Roberts C yril Knowles
(M) Alan Mullery  Danny Blanchflower  Dave Mackay  Paul Gascoigne
(F) Jimmy Greaves  Jurgen Klinsmann

Subs (7): Ray Clemence (G), Phil Beal (D), Maurice Norman (D), Glenn Hoddle (M), Ossie Ardiles (M), Alan Gilzean (F), Bobby Smith (F)

Manager – Bill Nicholson


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  1. Too attacking and would leave us open, but here goes…


    Perryman Kaboul(?) Gough(?) Hughton

    Waddle Gazza Hoddle Bale

    Archibald Klinsmann

  2. You must be out of your mind?? No Hoddle? gazza had maybe two good years as a spurs player! God was a local lad and as Cryuff one said if he was dutch he would have had 153 caps not 53!
    Please recognise glen was without doubt the most technically gifted player this country has produced, what was his best foot? no one knows he was that good.
    Gazza good, but alot was hyped up after his injury

    • Dave, i do agree with 90% of what you say about Hoddle, he was a technically wonderful player. My only 10% doubt was his inability to 'Head' a ball – in my mind that was the only thing missing from his game. CheekyCockney

  3. jennings

    perryman king roberts knowles

    ardiles mackay blanchflower


    greaves sheringham

    subs: clemence, mabbutt, hoddle, klinsmann, mullary, waddle, allen

  4. im only 18 so i would have
    GK- Llorris
    RB Carr
    CB King
    CB Naybet
    LB Assou-Ekkotto
    RM Ginola
    CM Van Der Vaart
    CM Davids
    LM Bale
    ST Keane
    ST Berbatov

  5. Best team – Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay,Jones, White, Smith, Allen, Dyson – a proven winning team !

    Subs – Jennings, Knowles, England, Hoddle, Archibald, Greaves, Chivers – just in case needed to freshen up !

  6. My Team (from players I have seen play)


    Jennings; Perryman, Roberts, King, Hughton; Ginola, Hoddle, Gazza, Bale; Sheringham, Klinsmann

  7. Jennings, Knowles, England, King, Kinnear, Bale, Mckay. Hoddle, Mullery, Greaves, Klinsman.

    Subs, lloris, Vertonghen, Hughton, Gasgoine, Ginola, Ardiles, Gilzean, Allen.

    • Looks like a good non-double selection, although of course you've got Dave Mackay. Spurs have certainly had some great players over the years.

  8. Im 30 went to my first game in 94 so this is my best team but certainly not the clubs all time best 11, but this is my personnal choice that i can remember seeing play as a young lad on tv then in the flesh

    GK Brad Friedel
    D Steven Carr, Ledley King, Mabbutt, BAE
    DM Sandro,
    M Gazza Luka Modric Bale

    ST Sheringham Klinsman

    Subs Paul Robinson, Dawson, Ginola, Linekar,Anderton, Carrick, Berbatov

  9. Jennings:Perryman,England,Mackay,Knowles:Hoddle,Mullery'Gacgoigne,Ginola:Greaves,Klinsman:subsBrown,Kinnear,King,Ardiles,Jones and Chivers :

  10. Jennings

    Perryman, Campbell, King, Ekotto

    Ginola, Blanchflower, Hoddle, Bale

    Greave, Klinsman

    Subs Clements, England, Hughton, Ardiles, Lineaker.

    This is for a 442.

  11. My all time Spurs best 11:

    Dave Mackay … On reflection, with Dave's name on the teamsheet we don't need anyone else!! I'm truly sorry for those of you who did not see him play … inspirational!I I like your team too Chris!

  12. GK-Hugo lloris LB- assou-ekotto CB- king CB- vertonghen RB- perryman LM- Bale CM- Modric CM- gascoigne RM- Lennon CAM- Rafael Van Der Vaart ST- Greaves____Subs: Friedel, Dembele, Berbatov, Dawson, Campbell, Ginola, Dave Mackay

    • You are obviously one of our 'older' supporters with saying you have seen Ditchburn and Ramsey play, but what a wonderful team you have put forward. CheekyCockney

  13. Clemence
    BAE, King, Roberts, Hughton
    Hoddle, Ardiles, Perryman, Gazza, Bale
    Subs: Mabbutt, Klinsman, Berbatov, Sheringham, Ginola, Cambell, Lennon

  14. Jennings; Gough, Mabbutt, King, Knowles; Jones, Hoddle, Mackay, Bale; Greaves, Berbatov

    Subs: Friedel, Hughton, England, Blanchflower, Gazza, Waddle, Lineker

    Manager: Nicholson

    Coach: Venables

    • This is not a reply, just further comment on my own entry: the beautifully balanced side (and bench) I picked is great enough, character- as well as skill-wise, to give any club or international team in history, Barcelona, Brazil 58/62/70, the Busby Babes, the Man U of Charlton/Law/Best. seventies/late 80s Holland, late-eighties AC Milan, you name it, one hell of a match. Make that one heaven of a match

      To make up a 25-man squad, I'd add Clemence, Vertongen, Ardiles, Mullery, White, Klinsman, Chivers

      Hard to believe that in a 25, there's no room for Gilzean, Smith, Cambell, Peters, Ginola, Roberts, Perryman, Norman, Brown, Peters

  15. Paul Robinson

    Stephen Carr, Ledley King, Jonathan Woodgate, Pat Van Den Hauwe

    Gareth Bale, Luca Modric, Nayim, David Ginola

    Teddy Sheringham, Jurgen Klinsmann

    Subs – Sullivan, Ziege, Calderwood, Fruend, J.Redknapp, Defoe, Berbatov

  16. I am only 10 years old so hear is my best team

    Walker Dawson Kaboul Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon Modric Van Der Vaart Sandro Bale

  17. I'm 19,Ginola was my favourite player when I was a little boy, he has to be in the side!

    Lloris (GK)

    RB- CARR
    CB- King
    CB- Woodgate
    LB- BAE
    CM- VDV
    RM- Ginola

    subs 1) Defoe 2) Sheringham 3) Anderton 4) Ziege 5) Carrick

  18. I am 28 and therefore from the players that I have seen and for a properly balanced side I would say:

    GK Lloris RB Walker CB Campbell CB King LB Ziege CM Parker CM Modric CM Hoddle RW Ginola LW Bale CF Klinsmann in a 4-3-3. Subs Thorstvedt (GK) Vertonghen (CB) BAE (LB) Gazza (MF) Sandro (MF) Lineker (CF) Berbatov (CF)

    • I would'nt have Zeige either, but just remember G that you and i are obviously of the old school with both of us seeing the greats like Greaves & Mackay etc, those who put in Ziege did'nt have the luxury of seeing such greats, and perhaps Ziege was the best left back they had seen. CheekyCockney

  19. Jennings
    King Campbell mabbutt houghton
    Perryman Hoddle Anderton Ginola
    Lineker klinsman
    Subs sheringham gascgoine ardilles waddle Clemence gough Bale

  20. Best Spurs XI from players I’ve watched:

    Thorstvedt (GK); Carr (RB); King (CB); Campbell (CB) (heart says Mabbsie, but I think Judas at his peak was better); Assou-Ekotto (LB); Ginola (RM); Parker (CM); Gascoigne (CM); Modric (CM); Bale (LM); Klinsmann (CF)


    Jennings (GK); Perryman (RB); Mackay (CB); King (CB); Knowles (LB); Jones (RM); Blanchflower (CM); Hoddle (CM); Bale (LM); Greaves (CF); Klinsmann (CF).

  21. I'm 21. I only knew about spurs when I was 16 years old because I am from Malaysia.
    This is my best 11 as I have seen. But, certainly not the greatest.

    Walker, King, Vertonghen, BAE
    Sandro, Modric
    Bale, Van der Vaart, Eriksen

    Subs: Friedel, Dawson, Parker, Dembele, Lennon, Adebayor, Defoe


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