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Following the success of ‘Your Best Ever Spurs Team‘, i thought a nice follow-on to that would be to choose and discuss (and give your reasons) of who between two players are ‘The Best’ in certain positions. So here are your choices.

Goal – Pat Jennings or Ray Clemence

R/B – Steve Perryman or Stephen Carr

L/B – Cyril Knowles or Chris Houghton

C/B – Gary Mabbutt or Ledley King

C/B – Mike England or Graham Roberts

Right Side – Darren Anderton or David Ginola

Mid – Glenn Hoddle or Dave Mackay

Mid – Paul Gasgooine or Ossie Ardiles

Left Side – Gareth Bale or Chris Waddle

Forward – Alan Gilzean or Jurgen Klinsmann

Forward – Gary Lineker or Jimmy Greaves


By CheekyCockney

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    • Hi Joe, you should have put that team on the 'Best Ever Spurs Team' which is elsewhere on the site. I suggest you add it to that as it's a terrific side. CheekyCockney

  1. Unfortunetly I never saw the great sixties side, or the fifties, people seem to forget whatgreat players they had, but my team would be Jennings,(if we hadn't got relegated, he would made over 1000 appearances for us and we wouldn't have signed Clemence), Perryman, (Mr Tottenham), Knowles, (loved the man, have his name on my currant shirt, Mabbutt, (could have been either), England, (Had more alround ability), Anderton, (Ginola too lazy in defence), Gazza, (Best player I ever Saw), Mackay, ( need some steal), Bale, (and he's only going to gety better), Sorry, I would put Chivers in, (if he were playing today with his pace, he would challange Rooney) and Greaves, (Best English Goalscorer ever).

  2. 1.Pat Jennings
    2.Chris Hughton
    3.Benoit-Assou Ekotto
    5.Mike England
    6.Gary Mabbut (c)
    4.Dave McKay
    7.Glenn Hoddle
    11.Gareth Bale
    8.Paul Gascoigne
    9. Jimmy Greaves
    10.Alan Gilzean

    • As i said to Joe, this is a Best ever team that should be put on the article 'Best Ever Spurs Team' elsewhere on the site. This article was solely to choose between 2 players in certain positions. Suggest you put this team on the Best Ever Spurs Team' article as it's a well worthwhile team. CheekyCockney

  3. Jennings – best ever goalkeeper Spurs have ever had. Clemence was a terrific keeper, but not in Pat's class.

    Perryman – is Mr. Tottenham and more skillful and hard than Carr who was also a decent defender.

    Knowles – Just. Great left foot (nice one Cryil) and a great free kick. Just edges out Houghton.

    Mabbutt / King. This is the hardest to call. But just for sheer games played, has to be Mabbutt.

    Roberts – Just for the fire in the belly, but England was a class defender. Another hard to choose.

    Ginola – Simply more skillful. With Anderton you never knew if he would be fit (and rarely was).

    Ardiles – again only just. Would pull the team together. Gasgoine was world class too, but a loose cannon.

    Bale – simply because of his defending ability. Waddle was great going forward, but could'nt defend.

    Gilzean – but very very close. Heading ability clinches it. But Klinsmann was certainly world class.

    Greaves – the easiest one to choose. Greatest goalscorer that ever lived. Lineker nowhere in his class.

  4. I am too young to really give a proper comment on the players you mention, but i really just love reading your articles Cheeky. They seem to be from the heart and they also make so much sense. Keep up the good work. Melanie x

  5. 1 Jennings 2 Perryman 3. Knowles 4. Gough 5 England 6 Mackay 7 Ardiles 8 Hoddle 9 Chivers 10 Greaves 11 Waddle

    12. Gilzean
    13. Gazza
    14. Berbatov
    15 Clemence
    16. Jones

  6. Sortry misread

    I'd go for Jennings over Clem-Jennings was consistent although unorthadox, truly briliant.
    likewise Perryman was a 100% player-Navy blue and white blood. Knowles the showman, so under rated
    Ledders-pure class, in a classless era.. England everytime, no need for thuggery, skill every time. Without injuries Anderton on form was a proper team player as well as individually brilliant. Blimey-Hoddle over Mckay? I saw Hoddles career from start to finish, and not big Daves, so it's Hod for me for no other reason
    It has to be Gazza, unique, uncultured, uncouth but a super player. As of now I'd say Waddle..but? Kilnsmann had the chance to be a legend-Gilzean took it. and Greaves..a thousand old geezers near me couldn't all have been wrong?

  7. ———————Jennings——————-

    Perryman Roberts Mabutt Houghton

    Ginola –Hoddle Gasgcoine– Bale

    ————-Greaves Klinnsmann———

  8. ———————- jennings ————————

    king , ginola , lineker , ardiles , b.smith , gilzean ,
    clemence , roberts , knowles ,


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