Birmingham agree Keane deal with Spurs


Robbie Keane

Birmingham City have agreed a transfer fee with Tottenham Hotspur for Robbie Keane.

According to press reports, a £4million deal has been agreed – which could rise to £6million depending on other factors.

We’ll bring you more on this story as we get it.


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  1. I’d thought he’d have gone to Everton.

    Glad he’s going to a club where he can get a game. Now hopefully we’ll see some movement about getting someone else in.

  2. Thats a massive loss Harry is making there after paying, what 16M two years ago in a somewhat token gesture to us.

    It’s not as if he has been a regular since he came back is it, so in my view 16M has been wasted.

  3. I wish Robbie all the best of luck whatever the fee is. He was a great player for us for a while there. I hate Liverpool for unsettling him and effectively ruining his career.

  4. It’s a big loss for sure, not sure what is going on there, but it’s clear he isn’t the player he was two years ago. I don’t think we can blame Liverpool for that, I guess it’s just age and form. Mr Benitez clearly saw it before anyone else and got most of the money back.

      • Sorry mate, there is a long story behind whether Benitez actually bought him. He played games for Liverpool but apparently was missing a lot of chances. His decline since back at the Lane cannot be put down to lack of confidence. Personally, I don't think he should have come back as we are now taking a massive loss on him. I don't blame Liverpool, I think he was in decline by that stage anyway.

  5. Spurs sold him and bought him back at a reduced amount.I am so glad he has gone.He could no longer score goals and his passing was useless.Keane failed to realise that he was no longer the main star at WHL.His lack of humility and failure to adept made it impossible for him to perform.He was a great player some years ago.I fear he will start reasonably well for Birmingham,but the old Robbie Keane arrogance will again come to the fore.

  6. All the best to you Robbie. Did enjoy some of your goals which are among the best for Spurs, but it is what it is. You've done us proud before and now for the future of your footballing life, big decision got to be made. Again, all the best to you at your new club and thank you.

  7. Just go, Robbie……..i am afraid that his ego is too big and he is always thinking that he is still a great international player, thus will scupper this deal. Also, he is greedy and may want a pay rise from Birmingham. But if he is delaying his decision, it will affects the Club to look for a top class striker in this window. So do us a favour and move ur fat ass on. By the way, looking better at things now, i am all for a move to Olympics Stadium and so, no, to We r N17 movement. sorry.

  8. Excuse me but i'm under the impression that these comments are read and assessed by somebody before being approved. Who approved the comments of this racist gobshite and why? I'm absolutely disgusted.


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