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Blackburn at Ewood Park on Sunday afternoon.  Rovers are struggling to keep up with the field whilst we’re cruising along on the inside rail just behind the leaders. Three points in the nosebag surely? Well, complacency isn’t a good start. We have a good recent record there with Crouchy being the home team’s nemesis, he’s scored all three of our goals there in the last two season’s even comfortably finishing a one on one against Robbo a couple of seasons ago instead of his legs doing the normal impression of a pile of dried spaghetti falling to the floor as soon as the ball arrives at his feet.

In Adebayor though we have someone with an even better memory of the venue. In 2008 he scored a hat-trick for the Arse in a comfortable win. Famously of course the south London nomads managed five goals at Blackburn last month with two of them being in the wrong end during one of their more humorous defeats this season. That result should be warning enough for us about getting out the deckchairs too early.

Injuries are once more our biggest obstacle to fielding a side we can feel total confidence in, with Harry’s tactical whims coming a close second. Modric on the left and right last week but nowhere near his best position, Van der Vaart the week before. I know we’ve not much much cover for Lennon, but why play one of your best players there I’ve no idea.

Blackburn are a club in turmoil of course with the limited Venky’s investment so far not reaping enough rewards to keep anyone with an emotional interest in Ewood satisfied. Speculation during the summer surrounded the possible capture of the likes of Raul and Ronaldinho; the comically named David Goodwillie was the major signing in the end. A good win for us might be the straw that breaks Steve Kean’s hold on his post and might also increase the resolve of Samba and Hoilett, to name but two to jump ship sooner rather than later.

With Bassong & Sandro swapping for Ledley & Livermore, the same line up as last Sunday is more than likely. Lennon looked nowhere near match fit on Thursday I thought. We need to up our tempo from last week and be much much slicker in our passing to make sure we come back home with a win. Anything less to be honest will be a huge disappointment.

Stuart Atwell is the man in charge.



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  1. The most important task we have is to remedy our injury crisis. We need to attend during the January transfer. Our injury crisis is definately a thorn & is affecting whatever progress we have already made.We have an outfit that's in & out of recuperation which is frustrating.

  2. I thought Lennon looked a lot sharper in the second half and carried the ball well. Certainly the channel 5 half time (footballing) character assination seemed completely arbitary and almost mean. He is only just coming back from injury, give him a break!


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