The blip has come


Well, the ‘blip’ had to come, it’s just a shame it came in the way it did at Liverpool with our demise in this particular match with the ludicrous back pass from Kyle Walker which turned the game on it’s head.

For the first time in the match at that time we were in complete control, until Walker decided to commit the team into suicide. There was absolutely no reason for him to pass backwards – and saying that Lloris could have done better too – but what was Walker thinking?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Walker is not the player this season that he was last. I have been very critical of his ‘non-crossing’ all season when we are attacking. I would think probably 90% of the time he turns back inside when he has a perfect opportunity to cross into the area, this giving the opposition time to get back in positions. I am not the only one, so many at WHL have said the same thing, He gets into the perfect crossing position, but instead of delivering, he stops, comes back inside and we lose momentum. It is a very frustrating part of his play.

So today, when he ‘crosses’ the ball in a backp-ass is unforgivable. He is still a quality defender who can, and hopefully will get better.

All I hope is that he has learned his lesson and doesn’t make more unforced errors that will cost us points.

We can really only afford a maximum of one more blip this season, but hopefully we wont need it and have had our blip now and can continue our quest for Champions League football.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. I wanted us to loose a game so we can win the next 1 and shut everybody up who thinks we will choke it again. Im glad we lost this way and not outplayed, it wont do much to confidence itll probably inspire us more not to do those mistakes again. So its all good. Disagree about Kyle walker though and Benny to a point. They are the real liabilities in the team and will cost us more point on the future

  2. Defoe is the biggest annoyance for me. I was actually relieved when he came back and saved us from Adebayor, now I want Ade back. Doubtless after a couple of games I'll want Defoe back again. They are as crap as each other. Defoe's greed is unbelievable, the guy has absolutely no team ethic and all he cares about is that he is the one to score. Near the end of the Inter game, when Bale and I think it was Siggy made astounding runs to get in position he refused to pass and basically walked into the defender in front of him trying to get a shot. then he did it again. I couldn't believe it but as the game was won I let it go. Now he is just a liability and his attitude will cost us. I so hope we can get rid of both in the summer and bring in new blood.

  3. Thank you very much Kyle Walker. Thanks to you I now have cheeky bin dippers texting my phone giving me jip over that diabolical back pass which literally gifted them the game after being in charge at that stage and Let’s not forget the mistake by one defoe. Ok is done now Let’s kick on beat inter and then Fulham. No more back passes please Kyle.

  4. Kyle's been improving- stick with him and support him. Defoe is a bit greedy though most strikers are. Lets hope lennon's fit and bale and dembele survive international week. wilshire injured?.yeah wenger ..

  5. Dreadful error by Walker. It literally turned the game. I ave looked at it time and again and I just can't understand what made him do such a thing. It's almost like he had a bet on the result because it just defies logic. The bloke is totally brainless.

    • 'You' What a fucking stupid thing to say. Walker has had Ade or Defoe or both or other runners in the box so plenty of opportunities to cross.

  6. Another brilliant piece Cheeky, and as always how right you are. It really was a dreadful backpass by Walker, Lloris could and should have done better too, but would'nt have been in that position if it was'nt for Walker. Yes he should also cross the ball more, he should take a leaf out of Benni's book about crossing. As you say, lets hope it's just a blip and we get back on winning ways again against Fulham this weekend.


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