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Kevin Bond says Spurs won’t sell Luka Modric after admitting “every player has his price”.

“For the purpose of clarification and in case my comments inadvertently misled anyone, the club’s position on Luka Modric is quite clear – we have no intention of selling him,” he said.

Earlier in the day Bond had told talkSPORT: “You don’t want to lose your best players and he certainly is one of our best players and we desperately don’t want to lose him.

“But I think everybody has got a price.

“If somebody came along – although the chairman’s adamant he doesn’t want to sell him and that’s great for us – and the money turns your head and he did go then we’d have to get on with it.

“But, at the moment, the chairman’s insistent he won’t let him go and we definitely don’t want to lose him anyway.”

Chelsea reportedly offered £22million and £27million for Modric in their previous bids.

“It’s a difficult situation, obviously. It’s well documented,” he said.

“But once we get to the end of the month then no one can go anywhere and we’ve all got to get on with it.

“On the one hand, the sooner it comes the better.

“But we’d like to do a little bit of work in the transfer market ourselves.”

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  1. Kevin Bond, another one of Harry’s useless cronies catching a ride on the Tottenham gravy train. We will not progress until Harry and his mates go and Tim Sherwood takes over. This will be another season of the players trying to work out how to play against the opposition themselves while we’re 3-0 down. I think i like Levy, but, i’m not sure about his judgement.

  2. It would be nice to think Levy had told all of the management to stop talking to the media all the time, because it just causes problems.

  3. Shiny shoes… you sound like my wife. Harry is the best manager Spurs has had since Venables. He will get the best out of our players that he can. The depth of our squad let us down last season. Losing Dawson and Defoe early on due to injuries caused playing for England. We need to sign some t'riffic players as good as Van Der Vaart and Modric. Something to give us a few more options. Maybe Defoe might get back to form. But time is marching on and we haven't signed anyboy yet.


  4. nice to hear that KB is now toeing the party line. (silly to get involved).

    I now hope Arry starts to show a bit more confidence in our team.

    Getting fed up with him bigging up Liverpool for a champ’s league spot, we’ve got a better team than we had 2 years ago, so why does everyone assume that Liverpool are favs for 4th place ?

    don’t think you’d hear Sir Alex down playing their chances,’s all about confidence !

  5. Hello Frank, my fellow Spur. You mean Harry is the best man motivator we have had since venables? That does not make you a good manager. Both are also clique and over friendly with their favourite players which clouds their judgement. I hope i’m wrong about my prediction for the coming season.


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