Bond expecting big season from King


Tottenham assistant boss Kevin Bond is confident that Ledley King will bounce back from World Cup disappointment.

The defender suffered a groin injury in England’s opening game against the USA and did not feature in the rest of the tournament.

“It would have been very frustrating for Ledley because he worked so hard and did so well to first of all get in the squad and then to line-up alongside John Terry in the heart of the defence,” Bond told

“So, to get injured in the first game will have been a huge blow to him, but that is the risk when you have to live your footballing life like Ledley does.

“He can’t train very much and that always makes you more susceptible to picking up injuries and that is exactly what happened.

“I feel for him because he put a lot of work in last year to get on that plane.

“He did very well for us last season and played a great number of games and hopefully he can repeat that this year and possibly even play a bigger part.

“The injury that he picked up was in no relation to his long-term knee problem, so we expect him to come back strong and raring to go when the new season gets under way.”

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  1. what a load of pointless bllks. bond doesn't know any better than anyone when ledley will break down. he just knows he will. great player, great servant of the club, Hope he gets as many games as poss. thats all we can ask of him.

  2. just retire ledley! football is for the fit and young – i think he has drained the spurs money pot for to long?

    • You are a complete fool with a very fickle mind, what if you are Ledley King? The guy has served Spurs with dignity whilst risking his health at the same time. What will you say about Jonathan Woodgate, Mr Know-it-all?

    • You absolute fool. this is a guy who has been at Spurs his whole career, could have left the club but stayed through numerous years of turmoil, seeing manager after manager get the boot, and our best players walk out on us, and what…you want to ditch him when we finally get to play at level which for one deserves to have played at by now. and have you ever heard him complain? this guy is a testament to the game, and more importantly to our club. Ledley King truly is a legend.

  3. a player who cant train is pointless and a waste of money,,,,,,,,,harry dug his own grave today aswell,,does he really think we can finish above united chelsea and arsenal next year? he mustt be drunk or sumtin,,i know come next may if we are in 4th spot i will be very happy,,cut the crap harry we are not as good as them and you know it

    • It's called motivating your players. God, people annoy me! There's probably 10,000 or so good ones and the rest are an utter waste of space. Bring on Armageddon!

  4. I would rather have a half fit Ledley with one leg and no arms than some of the muppets around who are paid zillions and are rubbish. The guy has sacrificed so much and will probably pay for it in later stages of his life. He is worth every penny he gets, and offers so much more than just being a great player. He is up there on legend levels and deservedly so. You find me a player as good as him that gives 200% and has remained loyal. Harry knows his stuff, and why should we not try to win the league, pointless being in it if we are just going to settle for finishing in top 6 each season and the odd cup final or so.


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