Bond on Modric’s future at Spurs


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham assistant manager Kevin Bond expects midfielder Luka Modric to stay at White Hart Lane.

After rejecting two bids from Chelsea, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has a firm stance that the Croatian will not be leaving the club.

Bond told BBC Radio 5 live: “He [Levy] has made it clear that Modric will stay and I think that’s what will happen.”

“The chairman’s made it quite clear that Luka won’t be leaving the football club, and probably I don’t see that changing at all.”

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  1. Lennon Loan swap for Kaka

    Lennon as opposed to Kaka is seen as a perefect impact sub for when oppositions are tired in Mourinho`s eyes although he is a big fan of Kaka he cannot give him the playing time he needs to prove his fitness and get back his confiedence. Although there are several intereted parties in taking Kaka on loan (Inc AC Milan) Mourinho sees the move to Spurs as ideal as he hopes Harry can do for Kaka what he did for VDV and not to mention in return he gets an impact sub (something which Kaka is not) in the form of Lennon. Jose hope that Harry will either send back a revitalised Kaka ready for next season or atleast make him more desirable to furure suitors by bringing back to his best.

    Guiem Balligue will drop this story on Sky Sports later this evening.

    • no our play is based on our quick wingers lennon is essential to how we play would'nt swap him for anybody he is our player and we should back lennon not want to swap him or sell him we have enough creative midfielders but only two outstanding wingers so i would see this as weakening the team THERE'S ONLY 1 AARON LENNON 1 AARON LENNON


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