YOU’RE THE BOSS: Pick your Spurs starting XI vs Fulham


Roman Pavlyuchenko

Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to extend our unbeaten run when we take on Fulham in our first game of 2011.

If you were Harry Redknapp, what would YOUR Spurs starting XI be for the clash at White Hart Lane?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Hutton – Dawson – Gallas – Assou Ekotto

Lennon – Palacios – Modric – Bale

Van der Vaart – Pavlyuchenko

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  1. Poor Bassong no matter how he plays he never keeps his place, he made one mistake against Young Boys, Dawson made the same mistake because of that pitch, and Inter he wasnt great first half neither was Gallas, but dont forget year before he was immense and has been solid against Chelsea, scored against Birmingham and saved us against Liverpool.
    He may be our fastest Centre back so I would play him instead of Gallas due to Andrew Johnson being there striker, otherwise same team.

  2. Why change a winning formula? ….except for the SUSPENDED players!! Same line-up a for Newcastle, and replace Kaboul in a china shop with whosoever is slightly fit! I would stick with Wlison because Fulham aren't foulers like Smith, Tiote & Barton – Wilson will be needed to foul Fulham! Jenas on standby. Hopefully 3pts awaits!

  3. Gomes,

    Hutton, Daws, Gallas, BAE

    Lennon, Jenas, Modric, Bale



    I think we need to keep playing Jenas while hes on form, get the most out of the money we spent on him!

  4. I would change the team around for this game and include those with little exposure. My team would establish who wants to stay and go:

    GK – Pletikosa

    LB – Assou Ekotto

    CB – Bassong

    CB – Kaboul

    RB – Corluka

    LM – Krancjar

    CM – Sandro

    CM – Jenas

    RM – Lennon

    CF – Crouch

    CF – Pavlyuchenko


    GK – Gomes

    CB – Dawson

    RB – Hutton

    LM – Bale

    CM – Van Der Vaart

    CM – Modric

    RM – Lennon

    This will sort the men out from the boys and allow Bale VDV and say Modric to all come on should we need them.

  5. Palacios is becoming a liabilty and a definate for at least a yellow card in first 10 minutes,so i'd swap him for jenas for time being and swap him for pienarr next game!

  6. As much as I love Palacios’ passion he is not comfortable enough on the ball and as such puts the rest of the team under pressure. Same can be said for Bassong, not naturally as gifted as Dawson, Kaboul or Gallas and is prone to losing concentration and making a mistake. Pavlyuchenko can be effective, but he’s like a heavy boxer, does nothing and then comes up with one knock out punch. Not good enough if we want to consistently aim for the top 4.

    Team against Fulham;












  7. I'd play the team suggested. Gallas over Bassong if fit, Wilson to start. And suggesting a reserve team against a Fulham side battling for points and they won at Stoke… Crazy. I'm sure there are other ways to discover if players want to stay or not, than risk 3pts in our most productive season in ages. Where's the ambition in that? In Harrys' words, we may as well all go home…

  8. Is huddlestone back? if not when?


    Hutton – Dawson – Gallas – Assou Ekotto

    Lennon – Jenas – Modric – Bale

    Van der Vaart – Pavlyuchenko

  9. I’m warming to The Holy’s idea of putting the fringers on and resting the other 5 starters. I can’t see HR ever doing that, mainly because we want to guarantee ourselves the chance of 3 pts against Foolham and VdV, Bale, Modders are the ones to guarantee that…Bassong’s time will come when he improves his concentration. His physical abilities are not in doubt, it’s his mental abilities that need to be sharpened. Happy New Year, Yids.

  10. Amazing the number of people putting Sandro in and I really think Bassong is the new Ledley and should be head of Kaboul and Gallas.


    Hutton – Dawson – Bassong – Assou Ekotto

    Lennon – Jenas – Modric – Bale

    Van der Vaart – Pavlyuchenko

  11. Anyone who puts palacios in their team clearly have no clue he is in poor form he gives away the ball way to frequently and makes late tackles far too often clearly you didn’t even watch the match otherwise you would have seen the difference jeans made he was classy intelligent and had great vision on the ball. As for bassong I wouldn’t be so quick to take him out when he came in against Newcastle 10 men down he was fantastic and let’s not forget the fantastic work he did against Fernando Torres and Liverpool. As for the attack I would go with crouch as he has a fantastic partnership with VDV and he can easily make short work of Hangeland in corners defending and attacking them. So for me it would be:


    Hutton. Dawson. Bassong. Assou-ekotto.

    Lennon. Jenas. Modric. Bale

    van der Vaart.


  12. Is Gallas fit yet? I like the idea to give some players a rest, but they will rest agianst Charlton in FA cup (is that on BBC or ITV?) Jenas look better then Palacios, so he should start against Fulham.I would give some chance to Sandro and Kranjcar in second half. Crouch with Van der Vaart up front, they can score some goals together. They proof that in the past


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