YOU’RE THE BOSS: Pick your Spurs team vs Arsenal


Scott Parker - Tottenham Hotspur News

It’s the big one the tourists from South London make a visit to WHL on Sunday.

If you were Harry Redknapp, what would your Spurs starting eleven be?

Here’s what we have come up with


Walker Kaboul King Assou-Ekotto

Van der Vaart Parker Modric Bale

Adebayor Defoe

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  1. 100% spot on. This team will win it 3-1 no doubt what so ever.

    With the likes of Lennon Kranjcar Sandro Pienaar on the bench we are more than capable of smacking arsenhole around like they are little children.

    COYS… Ade vdv and parker to score

  2. Thats what i'd go for too. Its a no brainer given the form of the current 11. The only dodgy one in my opinion is VDV with genuine wing options to compete in Lennon, Gio and now Townsend. If Harry moves Modric out of the middle he will be lynched.

  3. —————Friedel
    Walker Kaboul King Assou-Ekotto
    ———-Parker Modric

  4. Whoever says start with 2 defensive midfielders is a arseh-le! Why the hell would we do that when were at home. Surely we should be attacking a team that looks dodgy at the back!


    Walker Kaboul King BAE

    VDV Modric Parker Bale

    Adebayor Defoe

  5. agree with supertott

    should def not be playing two D/M when La Arse look so weak.

    Arry will go 442 (i hope!!)

    2 D/M against the current arse sqaud shows a lack of ambition. this isnt fifa/pes

  6. Friedel
    Walker Kaboul King Assou-Ekotto
    VDV Modric Parker Bale
    Defoe Adebayor

    Must play Modric in centre of midfield… rather play VDV out of position than Modric…bottom line. However, VDV must be wary of leaving Walker exposed to a 2 on 1. Harry have a word!
    Sandro can come on to sure things up in midfield with Parker if we have a lead to defend or we choose to see out the game.


  7. It’s all about having pace in front four this one we can kill them with if we hit balls early in behind there backfour if they play there usual highline it will be a massacre with this in mind I’d give townsend a run on right and defoe upfront instead of vdv the only other choice is between sandro & parker a close one but fact parker has more games under his belt dis season gives him the nod, this not necessarily our best xI but with townsend on right we create a mismatch with walker down that side and give them something other than bales pace to contend with

    Friedel walker kaboul king BAe townsend parker modric bale defoe Ade, vdv& sandro off the bench at some stage predicated score 4-2 to d spurs

  8. Got to be


    Walker,Kaboul,King, BAE

    Modric, Sandro, Parker, Bale


    If we need to chase the game take off one of Sandro or Parker, pull Luka inside, VderV to right side and bring on Defoe.


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