YOU’RE THE BOSS: Pick your Spurs team vs Man City


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham Hotspur take part in their first home match of the Premier League season against Manchester City.

What we want to know is if you were Harry Redknapp, what would YOUR Spurs starting eleven be?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Kaboul Dawson Assou-Ekotto

Lennon Modric Huddlestone Bale

Van der Vaart


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  1. Friedel. corluka. ekotto. Daws. Kaboom. Lennon. Bale. Luka. Thudd. Pavlusjenko. Defoe. No VDV cos he really played so poor against united that he should start on the bench…..

  2. Er This is really boring as that is definitely currently our best team. Can't think of anyone else who should be included. If 'Arry puts in Livermore that is just silly. This was our best team last year and if it can stay fit will be again this year (except plus Adebayor and Gallas once fit).

  3. The only contentious points are RB and GK. Pav was so off the boil that Defoe plays again. Harry has either rotated all three keepers, and will keep doing it until there is a winner. Or he already knows who.

  4. we’ve shown that VDV behind defoe doesn’t work, as the instinct of bale, lennon, hudd etc is to deliver long balls into the box and defoe will never win them over Kompany, zabaletta, richards etc. With that lineup we will definately not score. I would go with


    Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, BAE

    Lennon, Huddlestone/Livermore, Modric, Bale

    Defoe, Crouch(if fit)/Pav.

    We got top 4 with a 442 formation of defoe and crouch up front, since VDV arrived he’s been the focal point which won’t work until we can play adebayor up front in a 451. Bring VDV on for Modric or if necessary Pav, with Kranjcar coming on for an inevitably ineffective Bale.

  5. Only Walker vs Corluka is a real debate, the rest pick themselves.
    The strikers are The Weakest Link as usual, Adebayor can't play soon enough.

  6. Fuck all this negative comments on our attacking force,forget about the untited game and be positive and optimistic supporters and watch defoe and vdv score against those wealthy cunts to show them our chemistry matches their millions. COYS

  7. Bale shouldnt play.
    What a terrible performace he put in against hearts.
    He is so predictable.
    Nikko to replace Bale on the left.

    Charlie should play. With any other right back, Lennon never gets close to achieving anything.

  8. In a Barca style 4-3-3:


    Walker Dawson Kaboul BAE

    VDV Huddlestone Modric

    Lennon Defoe Bale

    -Modric playing a Xavi role, VDV an Iniesta role

  9. Friedel


    Corluka. Dawson. Kaboul. Bassong

    Walker modric ekotto. Krancjar



    just to be different

  10. Friedel

    Walker Kaboul Dawson BAE

    Hudd (Livermore)

    Kranc VDV Bale

    Dafoe Pav

    No point in playing Mods cause he has been tarnished by Chelski

  11. Friedel

    Kaboul. Dawson

    Walker. Hudd. Ekotto

    JJ. Bale


    Defoe. Pav

    Mods heart is seemingly not in it, he may well still be leaving so I can't pick him, I can't play one up it doesn't work, Mennonites rarely does what it says on the tin he can't cross, so I've played a bastar dised version of wing backs, it was either livermore or jj, I picked JJ 1 he is more experienced & 2 if he is on one he is awesome (yes I know its a rarity now)

  12. I'm told by a reliable source that Modric intended to refuse to play. But after consultation with Chelsea was told it would be beneficial to help Spurs beat Man City, who are prime PL title rivals of Chelsea. So Modric WILL play, on behalf of Chelsea.

  13. Friedel_
    Corluka Dawson Kaboul Ekotto_
    Lennon Walker Modric Bale_
    Dos Santos__

    I know Harry would never do this but I think VDV and Dos Santos up top could give Man City problems like Rooney and Welbeck did in the Community Shield. Walker has played CB a little bit so could sit right in front of the back four and give Modric more freedom to move. Also his speed in the middle might help with Silva.


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