YOU’RE THE BOSS: Pick your Spurs team vs Newcastle


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Tottenham Hotspur face Newcastle United at St James Park tomorrow as Harry Redknapp’s men look to end their unbeaten run.

If you were Harry Redknapp, what would YOUR Spurs starting eleven be?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Kaboul King Assou-Ekotto

VDV Parker Modric Bale

Defoe Adebayor

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  1. Agree with the above team but……………..

    Walker Kaboul King BAE
    Sandro Parker Modric
    Dos Santos Bale

    Thats if both ADE and Van der vart are both out, i think Lennon should start from the bench as he has just come back from injury and Dos santos has done well when called upon so far.

  2. I'd put Elton John's wife up front to get the toon defenders nervous and the mong who is on the bread counter at Tottenham aldi in goal. Hes the fat bastard who wears orange cammo shorts.

  3. This team run about a lot more than Arsenal aginst us we only ran 114 but htis could have bean Defoe and Walker playing on thursday and Ady and Van protecting there Hamstrings . This new football tha depends on out energizing there opponents and sneaking a goal is not new too me and is growing by the week especially by teams keeping the spectre of relegation at ba ywith a low budget team. This apply s too Newcastle Norwich Bolton Wigan Wolves Fulham Everton and others so its no surprise Norwich and Newcastle top the states for Klms covered on the pitch. Harry has too put this at the front of his selection when he picks his team Van Mods Pav have played on Wednesday so Newcastle will press Spurs and try and deny space too pass the ball. We need to be patient and realise the game will be won in the second 45 plus mins with this in mind we need this team in the first half…. Friedel Walker King Kaboul Lennon Parker Van Modric Dosantos or Livermore Bale Defoe. This is to cope with the extra miles Newcastle run.

  4. Friedel
    Walker Kaboul King BAE

    Lennon Parker Modric Bale



    VDV and Adebayor are only doubts so both could play and VDV best position is in the hole behind the striker

  5. Friedel
    Walker. Kaboul. King. BAE
    Bale. Sandro. Parker. Modric
    Adebayor. Defoe
    Subs. Vdv, Lennon, cudicini, bassong, pav, livermore

  6. Friedel

    Walker King Kaboul BAE

    Lennon Modric Parker Bale

    Defoe Adebayor

    Cudicini, Bassong, Sandro, Livermore, Dos Santos, Van Der Vaart, Pavlychenko

  7. elton johns wife in goal and jimmy van clarty poo up front. can someone get davspurs a job with GHQ , be great writing in riddles


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