YOU’RE THE BOSS: Who should start vs Man Utd?


Tottenham Hotspur face a tough trip to Manchester United tomorrow, as we all already know.

What would your Spurs starting XI be for the match at Old Trafford?  Ledley, Charlie and Hudd are out injured to no need to include either in your team.

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Hutton Gallas Bassong Assou-Ekotto

Lennon Jenas Palacios Bale

Van der Vaart


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  1. Mine would be the same as chris', except stick in Kaboul for Hutton. Kaboul was great against everton and i dont think Hutton has yet lived up to the hype and praise that he recieved since the Wolves game. i feel Kaboul can offer just as much going forward as Hutton, but also provide better defensive cover. Also, Pav instead of Crouchy. Crouch needs a bit of pressure on him, he hasnt scored yet in the prem this season and i think he thrives (goal wise) on being a super sub.

    Kaboul, Gallas, Bassong, BAE
    Lennon, Jenas Modric, Bale

    • I agree with Kaboul on the right as he in the past has looked better than our official right backs, however Gallas has been pretty poor of late so I would place him there instead. I would like to see sandro start in jenas's place but it probably is .it the best game for it, n yes Package all day over crouchie

  2. gomes
    hutton Kaboul Gallas Ekotto
    Lennon Palacios Modric Bale


  3. Couldn't care less so long as Harry plays Bale in his best position and doesn't instruct the team to roll over and allow Utd to tickle our belly as we've done before!

  4. I think I would surrender this game with an eye on Tuesday. Most weeks I completely disagree with CL first, but even with our strongest 11, I never feel happy at Old Trafford. To me, top 4 is more important than knock out stages of CL, but this week, we could win Tuesday but I cant see us winning at OT for a few years to come.

  5. Toby has it spot on for me and the writer of this piece and Alex have it all wrong.
    We have been desperate for a settled back four all season and Gallas and especially Kaboul did the business last week against Everton so why disrupt them by bringing Bassong back in. With any luck, Inter on Tuesday will be three in a row for the back four although of course Gomes will not be behind them.

  6. ………………………..GOMES.




    Kaboul played great in CD last game, and we sorely need stability in the back , so I say unless Daws miracoulisly
    heal I say Gallas and Kaboul in CD for as many games as they can handle.

    Palacios is not who he used to be… and he didn't paly arsenal or chelsea in spring, but came on against Manure, and the rest is history…

    And no offence (I know his head was used as a wall a couple of times, and the ball fell to VDV, and he got credited a couple of assist) but I CAN"T STAND CROUCH, I don't understand what someone sees in him, but in my op, he's just IN THE WAY…

    would have played Hudd for Jenas, but he's not available, so I'm hoping Jenas can build on what it looks like he has started this season..

    Lennon on as a sub, he's not 100% yet, but will be soon


  7. The team at the top of the page also has no Modric which I find baffling as he is one of our three best players along with Bale and VderV. Jenas has done much better this season that I expected – he had a part in all three goals against Inter, but for this game I'd throw in Sandro as he has real presence and this is needed against Man U who like to dominate the midfield and stick their foot in . Sandro is also relatively unknown and will carry an element of surprise and by the end of the match he may be yet another Spurs player that Ferguson covets.
    Finally, Pav for Crouch who was woeful last week. We will get nothing at Old Trafford if we lump balls up for Crouch as Vidic and Rio will lap them up all evening. We must play through and around them and this simply is too sophisticated for Crouch who is too slow to keep up. United will be delighted if he is in the team because they will know exactly what to expect and we can expect a lot of frustration.

  8. not Palacios, his mom should know he is not that good to start a game






    Harry should use more often than Crouch

  9. gomes, hutton, gallas, kaboul, assou, krancjer, sandro modric, vdv, pav, bale. 4-3-3 with vdv and bale playing just behind pav. Then lennon on second half to run at the tired legs of evra.

  10. totally agree with Gasco. if its not working give Kranjcar a run out. cant understand why he hasnt been used more as a sub.

  11. We can't play Jenas and Modric in the middle we would be far to open like against Villa either Sandro or Palacios needs to play i would prefer sandro.

    I would rest Bale and put him on with 20 minutes to go if we are still in the game.

  12. ————gomes———-

    hutton — Kaboul — Gallas — Ekotto

    ——-Sandro — Palacios ———

    —VDV —Modric —- Bale—–


  13. Gomes

    Hutton Bassong Gallas BAE

    Lennon Sandro Jenas Bale

    Van der Vaart


    With a game on Tuesday against Inter resting Modric seems like a good idea. I'd like to see Niko get a chance to come in and contribute late. Now is the time to take advantage of the midfield depth.


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