YOU’RE THE BOSS: Who should start for Spurs vs Everton?


Jermaine Jenas

Tottenham Hotspur take on Everton this evening in the Premier League.

If you were Harry Redknapp, what would your Spurs starting XI be?

Here’s what we have come up with for the clash at Goodison Park.


Corluka Bassong Dawson Assou-Ekotto

Lennon Modric Jenas Bale

Crouch Van der Vaart

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  1. cant argue with that, i much prefer jenas to palacios even though i think wilson will be the one who starts the game. I think we need to give Bale a rest though at some point, and maybe sticking krancjar in there at the last minute whilst reserving gareth as a sub would completely ruin everton's game plan that they've probably been working on all week – stopping bale from playing. having said that, saturday's fa cup tie could be the time to do that, the points are vital tonight! come on you spurs

  2. if Walker is back I would play him at right back, I think Everton are not an attacking side who score goals so Walker could help to get at them, hes been excellent at QPR.

    Other than that agreed

  3. I wouldn't change a thing – barring enforced change in Hutton being injured, and Gallas doubtful. But I see your point with Crouch as Jagielka is injured. So Jags and Neville cannot do their sandwich trick on him again! Cahill is out too.

    I would stick with Palacios Modders in the middle. Why change a winning formula?
    People could draw attention to negatives, but bringing Jenas will expose other negatives.

  4. A couple of people have suggested Walker. Walker would be up against Baines, who attacks well. You need experienced head to deal with Baines. Walker's 3 Premiership apps shows vast inexperience. However, on the other side, Walker bombs forward and will have Lennon ahead of him – so would Baines have any time to attack? There is a plus and minus in playing Walker. I personally still would go with Corluka with Walker on the bench to change it should we need.

  5. robbie u obviously dnt watch footie. team above is spot on. defoe is still banned and pav is shit. Corluka was excellent when he came on. he is perfect for lennon. he provided more through balls for lennon to latch onto than hutton has all season

  6. No more Corluka!! is it just me??i think it might be,that has never seen him do anything very well,he bundles up the wing somehow keeping the ball then just stops,and everytime plays such an obvious ball to lennon with almost schoolboy pace,9 times out of ten doesnt take into consideration that lennon is going to run and plays it straight to his feet,then he just stands there,doesnt go forward coz he's run 40 yards and he's panting,if lennon gets tackled then we're screwed,they can breeze past the now grazing in the field Vedron,by the time he's noticed and starts to plod back,theyre at the line crossing! He makes Hutton look amazing,but id really like someone fresh in that position.grrrrr rant over

      • EssexWHL…….I've tried and failed to teach people good grammar on this site. Talking of which, what has happened to Davspurs? I assume that his campaign against 'energy abuse' was a success…..perhaps that's why the Premier League is a bit more unpredictable this year.

  7. 3-2 again please – it doesn’t just seem to be you, but I can’t understand all the Corluka bashing.

    He is a great right-back – overall better than Hutton and links up better with Lennon.

    He’s a really good defender and has a bit of class about him, very calm on the ball.

    One downside is his pace, but he reads the game so well that he gets away with it.

    I like Hutton alot, but his play usually nullifies (is that a word) Lennon!

  8. Yes 3-2 Again, it is just you. Charlie is much better than Hutton and is actually an intelligent footballer, shame that word can’t be used to describe you!

  9. Wouldn’t mind Crouchino starting (first time I may have said this) to keep the ball up a bit better than Pavlo does. If we’re leading but need to finsih the game off the Pav can offer a bit more goal threat wise up top.

  10. Bale doesn’t need a rest he’s like a god yeh

    Hope he does a bit better against that ugly neville dude this time tho

    Charlie’s wicked, so it Hutton, what’s the problem? Support your team!

    Pav is shite tho (outside the box anyways!)


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