YOU’RE THE BOSS: Who should start vs Sunderland


Tom Huddlestone

Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to get their Premier League campaign back on track this evening when Sunderland visit White Hart Lane.

Following the embarrasing defeat to Bolton at the weekend. Would you make changes to the Spurs starting XI for this game?

Leave your starting XI’s below:-

Here’s what we have come up with


Hutton Kaboul Gallas Assou-Ekotto

Modric VDV Huddlestone Bale

Pavlyuchenko Crouch

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  1. Cudicini
    Hutton Kaboul Bassong Bale

    Lennon Huddlestone Palacois Kranjcar



    Think Carlo did well against Inter and derseves a chance, so does Niko and Keane did alright against Utd in the 1st half

    • Keane are you joking u mug, the geezer played upfront against man utd and didnt have a shot on goal all game, barely touched the ball he has no aerial threat so whats the point of having someone like Bale on if Keanes playing……it makes me laugh when we lose some deluded fans try to pick Keane a striker who hasnt had a good game in over a year, please justify your reasons for this.

      It my eyes Pav up front all day although lazy he is technically far superior to crouch and keane, offers a aerial threat and is on form

      • Jay, Pav & Crouch made no impression on Vidic & Ferdinand in the 2nd half it was ridiculous playing Kean on his own against those two.

    • it was ridiculous playing Keane when he has been awful since he came back, i agree crouch and pav arent good enough thats why i was very disappointed with the summer transfers because I felt that was the only real position we needed to strengthen….but pav came on against Man Utd and had 2 shots on goal one that was deflected just wide, which is more than Keane did.

  2. Is this not the same lot that dropped us against Bolton? What difference will it make to their performance if any changes are made? I don't for a minute think that they have learnt the concept of playing as a team – instead they are there to be selected & to play a normal football game, irrespective of the results – win, lose or draw…

  3. I think Kranky can play the VDV role if the latter is injured? He (Kranky) was wasted out on the right where a better choice imo would have been starting with Bentley against Bolton.


    Hutton Hudds Kaboul Ekotto

    Bentley Sandro Modric Bale

    ……………..Pav Santos………………………….taken injuries and doubts into consideration.

  4. Depends so much on whose fit. Sounds like Lennon is definitely out and VDV and Gallas doubtful. Is Charlie fit? If he is I would play him ahead of Hutton every time. Wouldn’t play Crouch too much out of form Pav please. Obviously VDV if fit if not Modric forward and JJ. Krankjar on the right. Gallas if fit, maybe but might prefer Bassong anyway.

  5. With Bent out, Sunderland are likely to play with one up front. Given their last away result conceded 5 goals and the fact that Spurs do not score too many, I think that Bruce will go for the cagey game. He could of course go the complete opposite and try to hammer us, but probably not likely without Bent. Newcastle game apart, Sunderland do not concede many – usually at most one goal – plus they have a keeper who is capable of that 1-in-a-million performance that has kept us out before. This is why Pav must start. We need the superior finish that he can provide. The only question is 4-5-1, 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. If VdV is out, or on the bench, I would go for Kranjcar behind Pav in a 4-4-1-1. Give him a chance to atone for that poor performance on Saturday. Jenas seems to play well against Sunderland, so I'd give him a go too.


    Hutton Kaboul Bassong BAE

    Modric Jenas Huddm Bale



  6. Ok, Lennon is out for sure..VDV has a chance to play waiting for him to confirm he is fit….So all taken into account my selection wub be, Gomes, Hutton, Kaboul, Gallas, Ekotto, Bentley, Modric,Hudd, Bale, VDV, Pav….The fact its a home game I’ll give bentley a chance to keep the width, i away wud be differant… Injuries are killin us at the min…Fingers crossed we will take all 3 pts tonight!!

  7. you got it standupyid


    Hutton Kaboul Bassong BEA

    Bentley Modric Thud Bale



    and if vdv is not fit, simply drop Kranj in there

  8. Gomes

    Kaboul Gallas Bassong BAE

    Hutton Thud Modric Bale


    Super Pav

    Hutton goes forward well, can cross and could have a similar impact to Bale if we give him the chance

  9. I will be honest, I think maybe Giovani deserves a game, with VDV, lennon out and krancjar not really doing well in that position against bolton I think Gio is best choice he is fast with tricks and offers width, Bebtley is too slow in a game like this unless we play crouch START GIO

  10. We have to try and win..put on a performance.


    Hutton Kaboul Bassong Bale

    Bentley Huddlestone Modric Kranjcar

    (VdV) Dos Santos


  11. Jay – if Gio deserves to play, then it must be in the hole because Gio has never played well at right mid. He gets isolated and never comes inside to get the ball – which will be sucked toward Bale on the other side. At least Bentley would come back for the ball and make himself available. The only reason why I wouldn't want to go for Gio in the hole is because he doesn't have the goal threat that Kranjcar does have – and Vdv definately has. Interesting how a few have put Bale at left wing back – and not being bad-mouthed doing it. We need to accept that Bale is less devastating in the league, and can be more devastating at wing back when he has someone else up there to combine with. Bale has the energy to attack from there – besides Sunderland have less of a goal threat (hopefully) and this could be a way of being more attacking.

    • Bentley offers no pace and we have nobody who really will get on the end of his crosses, Crouch cant head, Pav likes ball to feet as does Keane, so playing Bentley will prove ineffective, to be honest Gio hasnt impressed there but I saw soo much ability in pre season there must be something we arent doing right, Id have Gio over Bentley but maybe we should play modric there and just use jenas centre mid has harry seems to love him even tho he has gone back to old jj as of late

  12. Gomes

    Hutton Bale

    Kaboul Basoong

    Van Huddleston Palacios Modric

    Keane Pav

    Subs Krancjar Dos Santos Bae Jenas Cudicini.

    Perfect time to play Kean & Pav together in a full match ever.

  13. Gomes, Kaboul, Gallas, Bassong, Ekotto, Lennon, Modric, Huddlestone, Bale, VDV, Pav.

    A long way off my starting 11 if all were fit!

    Gomes, Corluka, King, Dawson, Bale, Lennon, Modric, Huddlestone, VDV, Pav, Defoe

  14. Jay your the mug if you think Pav and Crouch are any better than Keane did you watch the first half against Utd Keane, Modric and Van der Vaart pulled there defense all over the place as Keane is out than we have got real problems with Pav and Crouch as are strikers

  15. to be honest i dont rate crouch. he only scores consistently for his country. i also believe pav to be our 2nd best stricker we still haven't seen the best of pav as he is never been given a LONG stint. however its clear that harry doesn't rate him. i think modric should fill the VDV hole as he is near as gifted a player as him!
    corluka kabal bassong asso-e
    hutton hudd jenas bale


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