Bostock on his way back to Spurs?


John Bostock

John Bostock could have played his final game for Hull City.

The Spurs midfielder moved to the KC Stadium on a season-long loan in August and has failed to hold down a regular first-team place with the Championship club.

According to reports, all parties have agreed to cut short his stay after January 3rd.

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  1. This is the problem with signing youngsters – for every Bale, you get a dud! I will reserve judgement for now, but it is not looking good for Bostock right now. Perhaps he'll come back to get a run out in the FA Cup.

  2. This is good news for two reasons this lad has shown he has the talent with some cracking Goals the problem is he then get is confidants knocked by being bench by a manager who is known for his defensive tactics rather than attacking one. Jay Simpson had not scored for 26 games yet he got his chance and scored four goals in two matches the different s he was bought by Pierce Bostock is on loan. These two players will benefit from Training with our first Team Townsend and Bostock Harry should bring back our reserves and put Ray Wilkins in charge. This would mean our youngsters learn wanting to leave. Playing in a winning mentality breeds succes playing in desparation can ruin your game and like Bostock and Townsend who both scored and also have seen red cards on there CV.

  3. I was kidding about the 'dud' comment by the way…I will make it clearer next time. But he has been on loan a couple of times. He may have quality of talent, but you need more than that. This was his second chance to show that he has what it takes and he has failed to show that again. He wants to play centre midfield – for that position you need a strong character, and I am not sensing that. You cannot just assume that it is our fault – a player has to step up. Bostock is still not ready.

  4. Yes, young players will look at our team and see how we have made a failure of young British players, like Bale, Lennon, Huddlestone and Dawson.

    The fact we have such a wealth of youth shows we are doing the right thing and the fact not all of them succeed is neither here nor there. I bet Manchester Utd have a great youth squad and the vast majority fail and end up in the reserves at Chester or something. Does that stop young players signing for them? No.

    Our record shows that if you are good enough you will be given a chance. Two great examples are Taraabt and Routledge. Wayne was one of the best wingers in the Championship, but he just can't hack it in the Prem. Taraabt was too greedy and didn't have the maturity, so taking a step down has done him the world of good.

    Our track record has shown that we hold on to and give chances to players who have real quality, which is better than holding on to someone hoping that in the end they will come good. Even though Taraabt is on fire down there, it was in the best interests of the club and the player for him to move on.

    For a young British player, Spurs is probably one of the best clubs in the league to go to, particularly if you want to be fighting at the top end of the table.

  5. This guy can not be a Dud he’s been quality since he was a kid…something needs to be done otherwise young talent will startto be put off of coming to us.

  6. May I ask gog HOW do you know that the guy is quality? The guy has hardly played. 18 league starts in 3 years, none at top level, 1 for Palace, 9 for Brentford, 8 for Hull. We simply do not know yet. If he keeps failing to make good use of his loan opportunities then no one will want to take him on loan. O'Hara went on loan at Chesterfield and Millwall, made a great impression, THEN got his chance in the Spurs team. Bostock cannot expect to just waltz into the starting line-up at Spurs. He has 1.5 more seasons before he will become a named squad member. He must make impact before then.

  7. I’ll have to burst your bubble, but this kid HAS NEVER BEEN GOOD. He had potential and MASSES of hype, which is unfortunate for him as it made us expect more from him. If Jordan would have kept his mouth shut when we signed him we wouldnt be up in arms about him. My cousin has played against Tittenham youth a couple of times and said Bostock was pretty rubbish. He was impressed by Townsend and Parret but always said Bostock wouldnt make it, and to be fair, he’s played agaisn the bloke in centre mid so I trust he’s word.

  8. Very strange why this young prodigious talent has failed to develop as we had hoped. When we went all guns out to get him from palace I rather expected him to have come on some from then to now, maybe there was a very good argument for buying him then leaving him at palace to continue his development or if we still had reserves then let him feature prominently in those and give him run out in games when the result is not going to be affected too much or say early rounds of an FA cup campaign against I dunno Hereford United or Grimsby something so he feels part of the set up. So really there is a good case for resurrecting the reserves then? Ray Wilkins could work but don’t think he would come could try though. As Davspurs said playing in fear is not the best way to nurture these younglings I’m no coach but youngsters just love being part of something especially if it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent and right now Spurs are playing some of the most attractive football anywhere and if I was a bright eyed young talent I would want to be part of that training with the boys that are doing it for us getting to know them picking up good habits from the older pros. Steel sharpens steel as gran always used to say. Let’s get the reserves back and get these young talents realising some of their potential or we run the risk of knocking their confidence and as we all know football is a game where if your confidence is taking a battering then it’s hard to perform et al Bale, Huddlstone, Dawson, Hutton, BAE, Lennon all had their confidence shaken and now look all playing the type of football that is getting folk to sit up and take notice of us. It’s quite simple really the world is a stage and everyone wants to play their part so let them play.

    What about Wolves beating Liverfool last night didn’t see that coming but thanks Wolves just keep plugging away and nick points off our rivals and we will be very happy thank you very much big kiss Mwah x. Lillywhitetilidie.

  9. I have had to come on these sites and scream for Huddlestone Bale and Lennon not to be sold and you say we have a good record Woden. Let me start with Lennon he cant cross is end product is rubbish was this playing for Brentford or far away Hull no for Spurs on the best pitch in the league with talented players alongside him. He is playing with only 70 percent fitness through groin and Hernia problems if you study him closely he limps when he has a bad tackle or contact he will be devastating again when he finally has them for now he his great. Now Huddlestone he is slow rubbish cant tackle get shut Everton amongst others were sniffing i sreamed now he will be a great midfielder or stand in Centre Half and beg Cappelo on sites to take him to the World Cup he played great improved his tackling and what we never new was his Ankle was not 100 percent so his performances where remakable like Lennons. Lastly Bale he suffered a terrible Ankle injury and when he came back found the door slammed shut by Ekotto and when he played according to Bloggers we could not win and he was a jinx well i also screamed for him not to be loaned to Forest and the rest is History. Now Bostocks history he was plucked from Palace with a glowing reference just like Lennon he made his début at a young age we then we put him with our. kids. Then one night Harry gave him a cameo role in the first team we all thought very good looking prospect he was buzzing and said he wanted more chances what he got was more under 18 games then he went to Brentford a division below from where he came in a struggling team there players marvelled at his skill in training he scored two crackers and made two goals then he got sent back because of his attitude. Harry then told him through the media that Lampard wet on loan and slagged him off his dada rang Talk sport and was upset Harry had done this in public to his son. Then Harry sends him to struggling Hull he scores a cracker then Hull drew 0-0 he was then benched for five games for Nick Barmby very experiences pro , he came back scored a cracking free kick but got sent of Hull then drew the game they where winning he has bean benched since. Towsend best player in the games against Arsenal youth he was loaned to Orient he scored a wonder goal and left with a glowing reference then he was loaned to Ipswich he started in great form then there results went downhill he also got a red card and then was used sparingly to the dismay of there fans who wanted him to stay these struggling teams wont play youngsters when results are bad neither will Harry. Last year Danny Rose scored the goal of the season in a team playing well he never played again and he is on loan wanting to leave Spurs. You cant judge a player on loan in all his games just look at the quality they showed in glimpses shows me these Players Walker Rose Caulker Bostock Townsend have all showed they have the xfactor the problem is if its not injurys like Bale Hudds Lennon who have had operations before they where twenty its mental problems or struggling teams with Managers looking for experience to save there jobs like Bristol Hull Ipswich have. We could have lost Bale Hudds Lennon if we had listen to some fans These players will make it Bostock Townsend Walker Caulker Rose this could be our English midfield Lennon Bostock Huddlestone Townsend in a few years the sad fact the champions league and sky money means it wont happen, When we played in America Walker and Townsend Mason Obika Naughton all looked good and the Americans where drooling the way they swapped positions during the game and how good they where. Sadly Walker his now starring for a top team not a struggling we don't have a good record with our prospects we where just lucky they had the time to shine now where we are Lennon Bale would not be risked just like Kranjar and the rest.

  10. Dav mate – King, Dawson, Hudd, Bale, Lennon – that is HALF of last season's best 11 were signed young or came through ranks. That is an excellent record. Do you think that Spurs heard you screaming about keeping those players? They made the decision to sign and keep him. I will repeat it. Why is it when a player fails to make it, you assume it is Spurs's fault? It is the player's fault. Rose DID NOT say that he wants to leave, he just would rather be on loan than sit on bench. We signed Bostock with ONE full league appearance at 18 years old. That puts him on par with any of the other 18 year olds at the club. What is so special about him? As Liam said, it was only the fuss made by Jordan. Rose scored that goal, and got injured so he could not build on it. Plus he has a Mr Bale ahead of him – tough, but Bale waited for his chance, and so should Rose. As for America – the standard is way short of Premiership, and they were friendlies – you cannot really compare. Obika, Townsend, Bostock have struggled on loan. But Caulker, Rose, Naughton and especially Walker are excelling, and if they continue, they will follow in the footsteps of O'Hara who proved himself worthy of some first team action. I am proud that our team has succeeded with youngsters, and only really Aston Villa and Everton can claim to be doing better – however results wise, they are not. Lillywhite – I am strongly against bringing the reserves back. Coincidentally we started playing well under Harry as soon as we withdrew from reserves… much of a coincidence?

  11. Re. DAVSPURS

    How on earth can you say Harry is a defensive manager?

    Against Newcastle, he could so easily have brought on Corluka instead of Crouch for VDV, but he keeps the attacking going, hence why we scored that second goal

  12. I am sick of the way our young talent is treated. Only Arsene Wenger truly intergrates youth successfully, and I an saying that as a life long Spurs fan. The sooner fans and managers start realising that player need developing in their early 20s and most pay back this investment from 25-30. In my opinion Spirs have been woefully poor at giving youngsters a chance, blow me we nearly ditched Bale 18 months ago. Bale was terrible and we lost everytime he seemed to play, poor in defensive and not strong enough going forward, and now arguably the best LM in the world. We gave up on Lennon saying he can’t pass, please remember we paid £18m for Bentley as a direct replacement. We sold Darren Bent when he was 24 and he has looked much better than Keane, Pavlyuchenko and Crouch. We ditched Zamora too young who came good, we ditched Taarabt who is on fire at the moment albeit at QPR. We sold Kevin Prince Boateng who now plays regular football in the heart of AC Milan. We have rejected Bentley, Dos Santos, Rose, Livermoore, Caulker, Parrett etc none seemingly good enough. We will ruin the likes of Sandro and Bassong if kept as part time players.

    Harry has done a fantastic job but there is one final effort required. We have to start focussing on the Premiership and Champions League only. Allow the youth integration to compete in the domestic cup games, and let the old guard go as much as it hurts to cut the apron strings. King, Woodgate, Cudicini and Keane need to go now to allow Kaboul, Bassong, Caulker and maybe Connor Wickham and Scott Loach to provide the future.

    I know some will contest my views, but I ask you to look at Bale as an example of someone given more time to prove himself. It is not rocket science and these kids who have shown real class above the thousands who tried are all potential star, it is the correct management that defines their future.

    The Holy

  13. from what i’ve heard from redknapp in the past he’s got a bit of an attitude problem. he thinks he should be a first team regular before he’s done anything. i think thats a problem with young players now. they get the flash cars etc straight away and get told they’re superstars by their agents before they’ve achived anything. get them back cleaning boots thats what i say…..;-)


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