Brady takes a shot at Spurs shareholders


West Ham vice chairman Karren Brady has launched an attack on Tottenham’s shareholders, claiming they do not live in the UK and neglect to pay UK tax.

Tottenham owner Joe Lewis is based in the Bahamas and Brady has cited the fact that the Hammers hierachy of Gold and Sullivan are UK based. This is all based around the potential move to the new Olympic stadium.

She said: ”Spurs’ is an attempted smash and grab in our manor, sneaky and of no known benefit to anyone beyond their backers and major shareholders, who by the way are not based in the UK and don’t pay UK tax unlike our owners who have always lived, worked, employed and paid tax here.

‘Even their own fans hate the idea of a multi-mile move. Spurs are trying to muscle in where they are not wanted.’

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    • All this coming from a club who want to move onto Leyton Orient's manor and muscle in on their fanbase….It makes me laugh, here's Miss Brady talking about the morals of paying tax, and yet I seem to her having been under investigation, whilst at St Andrews for dodgy tax dealings…..Let them have the Olympic Stadium, who cares, as if all their dole scrounging fans will be able to fill it, week in, week out….The only reason the 2 Porn Kings Of Leon want it anyway is so they can sell Unemployd-ton Park and milk their greed….I just hope we dont let these scumbags have any players from us in the window, I want them to sink down to where they belong, where they should have went 4 yaers ago after the Tevez affair……oh yes, Tevez and morals and all that…../they won at Old Trafford on the last day of the season and stayed up, and then he went there 6 weeks later….Yes Karen, youre at a club befilled with morals!!!

  1. Brady, before you start talking about other people think about who you mix with. They are nothing but soft porn pimps. Tell mehow much tax they pay on their brothals and ill gained monies. Get yourself off and repent you sinner!

    We dont want the Olympic stadium but we can see that NORTH east London wants a decent football team. Enjoy the Championship. Oh and is the same woman who bum licks up to that famous spurs shareholder Lord Sugar? what is she like, oh we know what she is like dont we. Good to mix business with pleasure hey Karen!

  2. I don’t mind if Spurs go to the Olympic site. It’s only a few miles and it’s not like we’re leaving London.

    Tottenham is a khazi and you only see an Englishman there is on a matchday.

    Mind you, Stratford aint much better!!

    It will just make West Ham an even smaller, more insignificant club, than they already are.

    • bit of a racist are you mate, im from tottenham and were proud of the mix in our area and we all follows a fuckin racist twat

  3. Love the way Wet Spam always have to have a pop at us… quite funny really.

    Its ok guys you have the Olympic stadium, your have the best ground in League 1 at least!


  4. I fail to see the relevance of where our Shareholders live or whether or not they pay tax in the UK. Tottenham Hotspur is a UK based business and as such pays its taxes like any other football club – with the notable exception of a few clubs who need not be named.

    Surely the arguments for or against a move to her ‘manor’ – she was in fact born and brought up in Edmonton – should have a basis in football and the effect, positive or otherwise, on the local area and whether the new owners can establish a sustainable business, as like it or not, football is a business.

    Personally, I can’t wait to take my seat in the new stadium on the proposed North London site while our friends from the East are attracting 15,000 people to a 55,000 all-seater stadium to watch Wet Spam take on Brentford in League 1. They already have to advertise their games on the radio when they are playing in the Premier League! And they think they’ve got financial problems now…

  5. What a sad woman she is karen what do you mean yuor manner your not even from East london!

    If i was you i would worry about the club you are involved in who are on the verge of joining the championship, what you are your fellow owners are afraid of Joe Lewis has got more money on his own than you lot combined and as you know in the busienss world money talks.

  6. FC Hotspur of Tottenham? This is crazy talk! We're only talking about a few poxy miles.
    I support the football club , not the area. Millwall are still called Millwall and they're not on the Isle of Dogs anymore.
    I'm a season ticket holder in the Park Lane as well, but moving away from the ghetto of Harringey wouldn't
    bother me.
    I couldn't care less about most of the population of Harringey, I'm sure most of them don't care about Spurs.

  7. Fair dos to the Hammers Hierarchy- though they are using dirty tactics….they are ensuring that everyone knows that the LOGICAL team is WH and the ILLOGICAL team is TH. If the Spurs board want the Olympic stadium they will have a FIGHT…..& seems like it will be a b*tchy one at that, get u claws out u Cockerels??

  8. Whatever the faults of the old West Ham United board, they at least had a degree of sobriety & dignity but the Gold & Brady bunch seem like a trip to the fishwive's saloon as they are constantly mouthing off in public. They did much the same in the Midlands & got away with it as, well what can you expect there? But dear old London town expects at least a touch of middle class pretence when you open your mouth in public and all the Gold & Brady bunch do is embarrass themselves & WHU. I am old Tottenham and don't see the WHU supporters as anything but fellow supporters but surely even they must cringe each time these parvenu paperweights o[en their mouths. I just find them embarrassing for WHU's sake.

  9. I honestly have no problem at all with this womens comments – in fact i endorse them.

    Why do we hate ars*nal? Because they did to us exactly what we’re proposing to do to west ham. I hate west ham but this move to east london is morally wrong and WILL make us scum for ever more.

    We shouldnt really be standing by hoping we build the new lane because if we do that we may soon find ourselves in east london before we know what is going on.

    Someone should be speaking out attacking levy for this and for that i thank karen brady.

    I have said it before and i’ll say it again – i am a park lane st holder who went to milan and will be going to milan again but if we move to east london i will never step foot in that olympic site.

    Why is levy putting us through this? when we first announced the stadium development at WHL he said it wouldnt unduly effect us financially, then they said the economy had led to the cost of concrete going down saving us £50m, now we have the CL money?

    I say levy is taking this seriously and if he follows through he can go to hell imo.

    The more and more i think about it i beleive the right thing to do by the club if we move, is to form FC Hotspur of Tottenham.

    It would be a slow painful road to be involved in but ex players would chip in, the odd wealthy backer, the council would help.

    That’s what i will do anyway because if we go east london then thfc dies.

    • "the council would help":-)

      Where have you been for the past 6 months? If you think the council aree going to help you are more duluded than Karen Brady…and that is saying something. Quite frankly, I would go anywhere to follow Spurs…I am sure that are plenty of poeple who will be delighted if you give up yoir season ticket…they will be happy to take up your ST…if we have to move to OS to remain competitive, then I am all for it…it is more important to me for Spurs to be a STRONG team and COMPETING at the top of the premiership and CL than remaining at WHL. Yes it is our home but you have to admit, the area is a toilet…and transport links…don't get me started!

      • Okay maybe i was being optimistic that the council would help – maybe if i hold a gun to their head as clearly they are stubborn f*ckers and are partly to blame for the proposed death of thfc.

        I’m glad you would like my st because if we move there will be a hell of a lot of st being handed back to the club – you should be aware that the sad decision to stop supporting spurs – if it comes to that – is shared by 5000 and counting fans that have signed the say no to stratford hotspur petition. It also shared by people who are verified spurs fans – unlike yourself – who are registered and approved members of official forums such as glory-glory. it is also backed by the 10000 people who initially agreed to protest at the chelsea game. it also backed by the large propotion of fans who fill WHL every week – why else do we routinely sing in our droves at WHL that levy can ‘stick his f*cking stratford up his ar*e’

        Secondly before spurs played at WHL they played at Tottenham Marshes. And before that the previous site was also…wait for it…in tottenham. I would back a move away from WHL as long as it was still in tottenham. I would even begrudginly back a move out of tottenham as long as it was in north london but this move isnt is it – its to east london which will change the very fabric of the club – Why are you so hung of on the area? the NLDP isnt just a stadium it is about redeveloping the area – spurs and tottenham need to work together and embrace this not moan over money and nice easier journeys.

        And lastly yes id rather support a conference club FC Hotspur of Tottenham than world dominating Stratford Hotspur.

        And thats because this is about whats right and wrong – this is where you are getting it badly wrong and why your argument is fundamentally flawed.

        We dont want a ultra arab or russian billionaire to get success, we dont want to move from another area of london to another to get success.

        We want to earn our success the RIGHT way and if that takes longer to achieve and costs more money then so be it.

        If levy cant deliver the NLDP then i urge him to sell to someone who can.

        • What a crock of shit.

          Firstly, there is a big difference between putting your name to a petition and handing back your season ticket. Watch your 5000 dwindle to a handful if/when it comes to the crunch.

          Secondly, what bollocks are you talking about approved members of official forums. While you're tapping away on your keyboard drumming up support for your cause, life is happening around you. Time you realised that even if twice your "5000" give up their season tickets, the 30-odd thousand waiting list will swallow you up. Your protest is an utter irrelevance.

          Thirdly, who gives a fuck about redeveloping the area for any other reason than the benefit of our club. Tottenham (the area) and Haringey can continue to rot for all I care. They need us more than we need them. If we have to move to be competitive then so be it – like anyone with half a brain, I support the club not some khazi of an area that the local council are too tight to put any money into. We're not talking about Milton Keynes, it's a few miles from an area where none of our fans currently live anyway.

          You, David Lammy and all these idealistic wankers living in cloud cuckoo land enjoy your FC Hotspur of Tottenham, meet up with your miserable mates from FC United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon and good luck earning your success "the right way".

          We'll be supporting the most exciting Spurs team in most of our living memory competing at the highest level.

  10. Somebody should tell West Ham that the Olympic Stadium is NOT on their manor either; It’s Leyton Orient’s manor!

    Like it or not, Spurs will be moving to Stratford. The club will save millions in the process and have a better stadium (they will demolish the Olympic Stadium and build a football stadium.) The Spurs bid is the only serious bid that Boris has got in front of him. West Ham cannot afford the stadium. Fk me, they cannot afford Robbie Keane’s wages let alone a football stadium.

    We are moving there boys and girls, so get used to it.

    • Then thfc will become scum just like ars*nal for repeating their crime.

      People like you will go to east london

      And real spurs with morals and respect for the tradition and heritage of the club will form FC Hotspur of Tottenham.

        • This last comment from you says it all.

          You are not a spurs fan, most likely a goonie who wants north London all to himself, who wants spurs to repeat their crime to help vindicate how ars*enal destroyed woolich arsenal.

          Well we can argue all day about this if you want but it’s xmas day now and I hope you choke on your turkey.

  11. We don’t want the move. However this is footballing talk so do us a favour and hold your noise down. Woman don’t belong near football. C**T!


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