New Spurs stadium suffers embarrassing gaffe

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

When it rains, it pours…and bursts and leaks apparently.

Tottenham announced last week that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium would not meet its original grand opening date against Liverpool on September 15.

Fixtures in the foreseeable future have been moved to Wembley, Tottenham’s home of last season.

Rumours are circling that delays could even continue until as late as February 2019.

This week, the construction company behind the new ground, Mace, announced that the delays were down to a wiring fault in the fire safety systems.

A new completion date was not revealed.

However, yet another setback was thrust upon Tottenham yesterday, as a burst water pipe flooded electrical systems, which was not contained for another 45 minutes.

Hundreds of litres of water spilled across the new Tottenham stadium’s electrics, presumably those that actually worked beforehand.

A DailyMail source said: “What a shower! It was a mains water pipe and one of the workers accidentally burst it while doing a job.

“But there were farcical scenes because they couldn’t turn it off. Water poured across the new stadium for at least 45 minutes and everyone was soaked.

“All the head bosses on the construction job came down to try and stop it. The damage will probably be extensive but they’re just working out now exactly what damage it has caused.

“It was also flooding on to live electrical panels and wiring. At first we all stopped working and left the room.

“They’re obviously putting the finishing touches to the stadium now and it’s already behind so this won’t help.”

Check out the following LINK for images of the burst pipe.

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