Campbell pleads with Spurs fans to “get over it”

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Spurs public enemy Number one Sol Campbell has revealed he still finds himself on the end of regular abuse from Tottenham fans, 17 years after his highly controversial move to Arsenal.

Campbell allowed his contract to run down before accepting an offer to join Arsene Wenger’s Gunners, in a move that made him a hate figure one for one half of the north London sporting divide.

He has been subject to death threats and venomous taunts from Tottenham fans have been on a daily basis ever since that decision in 2001 and he has told Yahoo Sport that the abuse continue to this day: “I still get people shouting abuse at me in the street, but I think people have realised that we have long since reached the point where we have to move on,”:

“There are kids who were 15 and not even born when this happened and the legend is passed down through families not to like me because I joined Arsenal. It’s strange that a kid who was not born then would have a problem with me, but that’s the way it is. He added:

“I look at Spurs now and they are in a great place. A new stadium on the way, a fantastic team, doing well in the Champions League and I wish them well. I have no animosity towards Tottenham and enjoyed my time there. When I was in football, I accepted the abuse was part of what happened after a move like that, but when you to start to encroach on people’s lives in the street, then a different type of authority takes over at that point.

Campbell went on to say: “When you are not at a football ground, having a go at someone going about their day over something that happened nearly 20 years ago is not acceptable and that time has come to move on.”

Campbell has said he has no regrets about making the move from Spurs to Arsenal, even though it has led to almost two decades of acrimony.

“What I won at Arsenal justified the move 100 per-cent

“Look at everything we won with that team. We won everything, except for the European Cup and we came very close to that in 2006 when we lost to Barcelona in the final.

“We won Premier Leagues, FA Cups, winning Doubles, going unbeaten for the whole season… I was a part of that and I would never have had that unless I made that move.I played with some of the best players in the world, it was incredible and nearly two decades on people still talk about this. Come on everyone…let’s get over it.”

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  1. Right you idiot let me spell it out.
    You were our Captain.
    You let your contract run down.
    At the very least you should have let us get a decent fee.

    Bloody hell and this bloke want go get into Politics !!!!!

  2. Not like the Arsenal fans ever let the Tottenham fans forget either is it ? When you do something like you did it is going to be with you for life, not just a few years until we cannot be bothered. Were Tottenham till we die & when you do “were all having a party !!” ;-)

  3. Sol, my great grandchildren will hate you as much as their mum and dad, gran and grandad and me and my wife does. It is just the way it is, the way you chose. You slippery, disgusting excuse for a man. You handled it the only way a dirty soulless W##ker you are. I can’t wait to see your career in management fail and it will fail because you are an invertebre and no one will take you seriously. Shit, 17 years ago! Don’t time fly when you are having fun. (abusing Sol) COYS! P.S Nice to hear young kids giving him shit in the street.

  4. Dear Sol…
    Pat Jennings went and played for Arsenal. And he’s still loved, admired and respected by all Spurs fans everywhere.

    You went and played for Arsenal too. And you’re still hated. And always will be.

    Ever wonder why ?

  5. He literally had his pick of teams to go to at the time – Man U, Real Madrid, Barca but he chose the one team who he knew would hurt us. No Sol, we won’t let it go.?

  6. You just don’t get it do you Sol? You LIED to us supporters and the club about signing a contract extension, let your contract run down while lying then moved to our bitter rivals for free, no doubt earning yourself a fat signing on fee at the same time. You took your poisoned money and left the club of which you were the captain having to spend a fortune on another centre half.
    We have moved on from you but we won’t forget your behaviour and I’m afraid you’ll have to live with it.

  7. No other problems over the decades with much loved Spurs players moving to Arsenal, or vice versa.
    But Campbell? He knows what he did, and in the annals of history between our two clubs
    no player sank lower in his actions. The price for his ‘treachery’ and ‘dismissal’ of a club he purported
    to support as a boy, is eternal contempt. And he will have that contempt from Spurs’ loyal fanbase until
    the day he dies. But as for giving him further thought, well, it’s only at times when he pipes up (as he’s
    done here) which even remind us of his very existence.

  8. No you thicko..its not where you go it’s HOW you go and the MANNER of it.

    You are a LIAR with no Dignity..thats all its down to.

    Someone put it perfectly..The day you Die Spurs fans will celebrate their best day.

    F..k off and don’t mention this club and fans name in your filthy mouth.

  9. I meet him a week or two before his move I was with my daughter in Hertford, he was On His own and went into pizza express ( Sunday lunch) my 14 yr old ( at the time) daughter pleaded with me to go in there for pizza, she took her sweatshirt off revealing her Spurs shirt. He gave the thumbs up, when he was leaving he came over I asked “ you ain’t leaving are you ?” He put his hands on my shoulders and says no it’s all good we going to have a good season this year” I was estatic called all my mates “ SOL is staying over and over again” fuck me week or so later I wanna as gutted. Now I know he wasn’t going to tell me didn’t squat but he didn’t have to make out it was all sweet.

  10. If you want sympathy go and cry on your agents shoulder. Didn’t Sky Andrew warn you that there would be consequences? No, maybe he couldn’t give a damn for you as like most football agents he is only interested in satisfying his own greed and stuff you Sol! You want us to forgive and forget? Go count your pieces of silver and take the consequences like a man.

  11. Your nothing but a Judas! What you done will never be forgotten or forgiven. What makes everything worse is the total rubbish you continue to speak. Yes once upon a time you was a good footballer, but damn you have really lost the plot by thinking you have genius footballing brain. It does not take a genius why you keep being turned down for football management. Damn even a struggling Sunday league team wouldn’t want you managing them. Start living in the real world do something useful like becoming a dustman!

  12. When Sol did what he did, I knew these days would come when he’d wonder why he is held in so much contempt and that he’d have to live with it. It is what it is Sol, you traded peace of mind for silver and now you see the results. Keep polishing your medals. Forget? never. You talk as if you matter to Spurs fans, you don’t. You are never in our thoughts but on these occasions when you speak up about the continued contempt you get from Spurs fans you will find out and be reminded it will never go away.

  13. Problem is that Sol Campbell, without any scruples, used his popularity with the fans to put preasure on the Tottenham board. With promisses of signing a new contract he forced the board not to sell him even though Tottenham could get a large sum of money for him. I remember Barcelona beeing interested and the sum mentioned was record for a defender at the time. He took advantage of the fans in a shamefull way and that is not something that will be forgotten. I think that is why his name forever will be synonymous with traitor in the Spurs fan dictionary.

  14. But he won loads of trophies for our bitter rivals, surely we should understand? There are some seriously dumb comments here, and they’re all in the main article.

  15. You were the equivalent of being unfaithful with your loving partners sworn public enemy.
    It can’t be forgiven or forgotten. You are simply one of life’s shits!
    You even stole £17m and gave it to our enemy!

  16. Campbell you Judas C#^*t…… get it through your thick skull. The WAY you went about it is why we Hate you. Not that you left. Daft Prick

  17. We need to get over it?
    How about you remove us from your tarnished judas mouth.
    As deluded as ever and why you will never get it. Now wipe your tears on your soiled money and jog on.

  18. No way Judas! You need to get over the fact that whatever you won, your grandchildren will always be ashamed of you, as well as us hating you too. Go polish your medals, it’s all you’ve got.

  19. Sol Campbell is pathetic.

    Let his contract run down while insisting he would stay at Spurs. I still have the magazines where he went on and on about how he was going to stay.

    He’s just a very self absorbed human being with no empathy – and yes I will tell my unborn son what a dick he is.


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