Can Sigurdsson replace Modric?


It almost seems inevitable, as we draw to within a week of the start of the new season, that Luka Modric will leave Spurs. Levy may hold out for as long as he wants and as much money as he wants, but I firmly believe that he will sell. Modric won’t play the Newcastle or the West Brom games, and then we will sell him for upwards of £35m – a good deal and an £18m profit on what we brought him for. But we can’t hide from the issue that he is a great player and that without him last season we would have struggled to make the top 6. So can Gylfi Sigurdsson, newly signed by AVB in July, replace him?

In terms of position, Sigi could slot quite nicely and effectively into the position where Modric played for us last season, a central, roaming midfielder liable for stringing passes together, playing delightful passes and making assists. We saw clearly from Sigi’s loan at Swansea that he is the type of player who is capable of producing those moments of magic needed to score goals, either for him or for his teammates. He could easily slip into the role of being the heartbeat of team going forward.

And looking at the goals and assists that Gylfi provided last season compared to Modric, Sigi scored 7 times and created 3 goals, but Luka only managed 4 goals and 4 assists. And Sigi played much less – 1719 minutes less of EPL football to be precise (almost 19 full matches). Although Modric admittedly did have a huge part to play in many of our goals last season, even if he didn’t get the final or penultimate touch, the same can be said about Sigi, surely – and he was at a club who scored less goals anyway.

For however creative Modric is and for however much flair and trickery he has, Gylfi’s goal scoring rate – most of them from outside the box, key against defensive teams – along with his own creativity and flamboyance suggests that he can replace Modric in the team.

What do the fans think? Can Sigi effectively replace Modric?

By Alex Beck

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  1. Yes of course he can replace Modric, I've been saying this for weeks, his passing stats are better and he scores more goals, what more do you need. My team would be,


    Walker, Kaboul, Vertongen, Ekotto,


    Lennon Bale

    Siggurdson VDV


    playing Bale in his best position wide on the left, not down the middle as he has been used because we have no strikers, and also signing Adebayor or getting Berbatov back as a cheap yearly replacement striker.

    • You mean the type of player who actually scores goals?
      I am not understating what Modders has done for us in the past, but we haven't had 100% Luka playing for us for over 12 months, Sigi will give us his all, and although they differ in style he can "replace" Modders as oppossition will see Sigi as a threat to goal and commit players to challenge him (the same way Modders drew players to him because of his hold up play) therefore it will open up play for other players to start imposing themselves on the game, I think the biggest thing we have going for us is the opposition no longer know who will be the most dangerous on pitch which gives us the element of surprise and a challenge for them to work out how to shut us down.

  2. Sigurdsson is a great goal scoring midfielder just what we needed! A modric replacement he is not, we need somebody with similar talents as Luka who can pull the strings hardly ever give the ball away in any situation. Retaining possession is key for us as with the ball we are the most dangerous team in the premier league!. The question is and always will be will spend the cash to bring that top top player in if Luka goes!!!.. COYS!!!!!

    • Huddleston is probably the best we have (better than Modders in some respect stronger on the ball, and a great eye for a pass although he lacks Luka's pace). He may not replace Modders but he surely will be a danger to have on pitch and the pace is the only thing that seperates the two in their overall ability, a fully fit Thudd and by this time next year we will e saying Modric who!?

  3. Was speaking to my Liverpool-supporting mate a couple of months ago when Sig was signing for Liverpool, and I said that I was disappointed as I felt he could be just the man to replace Gail Platt. So I think he will be perfect.
    He sets goals up and in one season (last season) he scored 2 goals less than Mod has in his entire Spurs career

  4. You got to be kidding. Modric is a deep lying midfielder and he links defence with attack. Why do you think Mourinho wants Modric so badly? Because he is quite simply one of maybe 10 players in the world capable of doing what he does at the level he does and the vast majority are at Barca or Real already (Xavi, Alonso, Iniesta, Fabergas, Pirlo). BTW this is why Spain are World & Euro Champs. Do you think Real would be interested in Sigurdsson? Not a chance. He's an attacking midfielder like VDV or Kaka. You're comparing apples with oranges. Sigurdsson is a good addition but he's no Modric. And by the way Argentina although they've Messi, Pastore, Tevez, Aguerro they've no Modric they stick Mascherano in there instead.

    • The most intelligent description of Modric's role I have seen on all these blogs. Mostly what we see is agly comments that reflect the writer's spirit. Thsi one is on a highest level I have seen in english. Well done Rightturn. You could be an excellent advisor to some who need to make the right choice/decision in the strategies for their games. Weel done!

  5. I disagree with the opinion that we wouldn't have been as good without modric last season. The year before that you could have stated it outright, but last season I would challenge anyone to remember a handful of games that he really influenced. The last decent thing I remember him doing was scoring against Bolton away. His heart clearly wasnt in it last season and I think that showed.

    • Mate, I can see that your appraisal of good midfield play is scoring or assisting goals. BEFORE you do this, your job as a midfielder is to RUN midfield. Midfield is where games are won and lost these days. England were poor in the Euros because they lost the midfield battle. Modric is unique because he pulls strings in midfield whilst being far from a weak link in midfield.

  6. if anyone saw the ny red bulls game they wouldnt even be thinking that sig can replace mods let alone ask the question or dare to write a blog about it, completely 2 different players

  7. Yea, ridiculous question. Chalk and cheese. We have to replace Modric or we go backwards in my opinion. He was central to literally everything that we have done when in the cm position. Anyone who disagrees does not see the game like I do at all. We are spurs, we play attractive football. We need a crafter in the middle to take the ball up the field and see a pass or an opportunity to drive forward. Hudd ain't up to it either, sorry. I don't think moutinho at 30 million is the answer so who could it be. I do like dembele who is very effective too.

  8. Modric was great last year, but I actually think that we sometimes would benefit from being more direct. However we will not be able to play the same kind of football again without Modric. (Villa, Blackburn, Norwich did almost not touch the ball in some of these games.) On the other hand we got a new manager and I think his 2 first signings was superb. Hope we get a decent start although the first game will be as tough as it gets. I think Villa Boas is a great tactician and also hope for a bit more rotation than what we saw under Redknapp and Jol.

  9. The Scuddleston is the man for the job once he's back to his best. Lennons not doing it for me for the past two years, Berbatov might be a risk but he's the best player we've had since Gazza and he would be cheap.


    Walker Vert Kab Akotto

    Sand Hudd

    VdV Sig Bale


  10. Maybe he can replace Modric in the end. Thats not the issue tho. We are looking to improve our team not to replace our best playets. If we sell modric ( wich i hope we do ) we need to get some good players for that cash. I still hope for damiao and Lloris and a dream come through would be ganso. Been quiet about him latley. Remember when milan where at their best they bought blocks of 3 players from the same country van basten, gullit and rijkaard. Inter did the same with mattheus, klinsmann and brheme. Our block of 3 would then be sandro, damiao and ganso. Let me dream a little.

  11. Goals win games…Sigurdsson scores them but hen again Modric creates them.

    However, when they were created our forwards still couldn’t finish them.

    And the squad went on to partially wreck their own season due to that.

    Sigurdsson may be a good stopgap at least for now as he scores some great important goals, much like Pav did (don’t start – not the place).

    I think Siggy Stardust can do quite the job in midfield going forward as long as there is Sandro or Thud behind him to defend against the counter.

  12. IF Modric leaves, priority has to be a new striker. Though Sigurdsson and Huddlestone are by no means replacements (playing different positions with different styles), in Sandro, Livermore, Hudds, Sig, Parker, Jenas, VDV, we have plenty of options in CM.

    The whole team would benefit far more from a new striker, someone capable of leading the line (Defoe just won't cut it). And for those of you calling for Berbatov, really? In a 4-5-1 (or 4-3-3) formation, your striker is required to work, closing down opposition defenders. Not stand around playing with his hair. Damaio fits the bill perfectly in my opinion, though his lack of European experience may put Levy off combine with his apparently hefty price tag.

    If you were looking at 'replacing' Modric, we should be looking at players like Joao Moutinho/Ander Herrera/Nuri Sahin.

  13. @Thomasoden – The most likely midfield replacement out of the three u mentioned would be Moutinho as he and AVB go back a while…

  14. cant see sig matching luka like for like but i would certainlly try out huddlestone in lukas position as he can lay deeper and from there influence a game with his passing.


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