“Can’t look a man in his eyes” – Stan Collymore makes Mourinho claim

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Danny Rose’s heated exchanged with Jose Mourinho during episode five of All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur is arguably the most controversial part of Amazon’s fly on the wall documentary until this point.

The scene shows the left-back in a frank discussion with the Spurs head coach in his office at Hotspur Way, claiming to have been unfairly treated.

Mourinho initially responds by insisting that his decisions were based on performances in training and matches.

He claimed that it is up to Rose to prove that he deserves to play but the argument escalates and ends with the England international telling Portuguese that he intends to speak with Daniel Levy.

Some Spurs fans on social media did not feel the 30-year-old covered himself in glory during the exchange but Rose has received some support from ex-players.

Former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor admitted earlier that he also has been involved in similar altercations with his managers during his career.

Former Liverpool forward Stan Collymore has now come to Rose’s defence after he insisted that the defender deserved credit for standing up to Mourinho.

Collymore took to social media to praise the Spurs star for telling his manager the truth and questioned Mourinho’s body language in response.

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One of the consequences of putting a documentary like this out there is that people jump to conclusions based on their own interpretations of different scenes. The reality is that we probably did not even get to see the whole interaction between Jose and Danny, with the argument likely being cut in a way to make it look confrontational.

I did not like seeing Spurs fans criticising Rose on the back of that scene given that we do not know the entire truth about what went on. The same can be said of Collymore’s reaction as well. The former Liverpool man is not a fan of Mourinho and is thus quick to jump on his back.

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  1. Stan Collymore, is forgetting something, that the manager is not the last word on that matter, and Jose was aware of Amazon cam in the room. It’s obvious that the higher ups have already decided that he is not needed and that decision is not for the manager to convey or disseminate to the player. Flippantly suggesting otherwise is indicative of a news monger that has run out of newsworthy integrity!

  2. I personally think Rose shoots his mouth unnecessarily at times, if he was so good Newcastle should have taken him. He needs to prove himself I think and not question the authority of the Manager. COYS


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